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Simmering with Samantha: Bloomberg’s on Mushrooms???

By March 2, 2010March 6th, 2010No Comments2 min read

By Samantha Hew, Founder of Hewmour Catering

No, I’m sure Michael Bloomberg is drugfree (wink). The truth is we (Hewmour Catering) received a request to cater for an event from the Mayor (Michael R. Bloomberg) of the City of New York. This was my honor, but to hear him give a shout out to our catering company (Hewmour Catering) in front of 500 guests was super dope! So glad he didn’t mispronounced the company’s name.

Catering for any events, big or small, has always been stressful especially on the day of. What if something terrible happened in the kitchen, what if I got sick on that day, and most importantly, what if our guests HATE our food? The list goes on. But for this particular event, we were more than confident. We had done a tasting with the chef of the Gracie Mansion prior to the event. He loves all the hors d’oeuvres we made, but the clear winner is the balsamic mushrooms baked in wonton skin cups! Mushrooms have an earthy flavor, especially when cooked with other fresh herbs. I love mushrooms and to add a bit texture to it, we decided to put the delicious mushrooms goodness in crunchy baked wonton skin cups. Mmm…tastes like heaven!

Bloomberg loved it tonight and that alone makes me a very happy person! I am proud to share this recipe with my loyal readers. Want to impress someone on your next party? Try this, email me for directions!


Portobello Mushrooms
Yellow Zuchinni
tomato paste
Lemon zest and its juice
Reduced fig or regular balsamic
Salt & Pepper to taste

Wonton Skin – cut into a round shape that fits in a small muffin pan

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