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TALENT: Q&A with the brilliant Samantha Hew of Hewmour Catering, Our Caterer for the Women’s Mafia Insider’s Lounge!

By December 2, 2009No Comments3 min read

By Marcy Clark

For the Women’s Mafia Insider’s Lounge this upcoming Saturday we are proud to have one of the hottest young caterers in the city! Samantha of Hewmour Catering garners rave reviews for both the large events and intimate family gatherings where she creates her signature Organic, seasonal cuisine. Enjoy our Q&A with her below and RSVP to to meet her on Saturday and try this chef’s creations for yourself!


Women’s Mafia: What is your unique Talent? How do you share it with the world?
SH:  If you had a bad day I can make you smile instantly after you’ve tasted Hewmour’s food.  No!  I really don’t have any unique talent.  However we believe in using fresh high quality ingredients in our products since “the belly rules the mind.”  This what we like to share with the world.

WM: People rave about your food and you are growing leaps and bounds by word-of-mouth. How did you make your first steps of starting your own catering business?
SH:  I have many mini steps to my first step.  I made several SamanthaHewmourAppetizersimportant phone calls.  The first call to the sous chef of Quality Meats, Stratos Georgedakis, who is a buddy of mine.  He ran through the good and the bad of the food business which was extremely helpful.  Another was to my dear chef friend, Clayton Norris, who is now my business partner.  I basically told him my business plan and said, “Pick a date for the launching party.”  He agreed and we have been moving forward ever since.

WM: When did you realize you could make your passion your career? Where were you at the time and what influences were around you?
SH:  I dislike 9-5 office jobs so I said to myself one day “wouldn’t it be great to not go to work today or any day.”  I’ve had the idea of running a restaurant/catering business when I was an assistant buyer at an off-price fashion company nearly three yrs ago.   I didn’t make cooking a business matter until I was laid off about a year ago from my last office job which was at an investment bank as a loan closing specialist.  I am the “Fabulous Fs” – Fashion / Finance / Food.  All it took was a TV college commercial slogan, “Turn your passion into your career” and of course a long three months south east Asia trip.  Hewmour then came to a reality.
WM: When you do feel powerful? What energizes you?
SH:  Besides cooking in a 90 degree kitchen with my business partner, receiving positive comments about Hewmour’s food and service gives me the strength to continue to do what I love most.

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?
SH: Women’s Mafia is made up of a group of talented and creative women.  And because of this I am convinced they will somehow connect me to the best people in the food service industry.  Sharing stories with good people about good eats is my lifestyle.

WM: Lastly, share with us – what is the wildest/bravest thing you’ve done?
SH: Mmmm, this is a tough one.  I’ve done many wild things; the bravest would have to be the giant water bug lunch I’ve had.  It was ground into a paste with chili  and eaten with sticky rice.  Insects have traditionally been rich source of protein, calories, vitamins and  minerals in the Northern Thai diet. They are also prized as delicacies. This particular form I’ve had really tasted like nothing but chilli paste.   However the thought of water bug still gives me chill when I speak of it.  Let’s just say I am not a fan of water bug.