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Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2011

By September 23, 2010No Comments1 min read

By Saira Toppin

As usual, Betsey Johnson comes back season after season with eye popping fashion that is sure to turn heads and have you wanting more. But the underlying question is, where can you wear some of this clothing?

The Spring/Summer collection shouts out color, splash, and excitement. Themed parties that call for eccentricity, originality, and panache would be ideal.

While the line includes extreme fashion, there are also great pool side pieces, prom dresses, and a tad bit of transformable work wear.

Johnson’s line offers a wide ranging palette of colors and designs to choose from; therefore finding a special piece for yourself should not be of the utmost difficulty. For the pilot at attention, there is a uniform just for you inside the Betsey Johnson collection. Photo Credit: