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The Red Party

By April 11, 2011April 12th, 2011No Comments7 min read

By Sarah Anolik for Women’s Mafia
Photos by Arthur Eisenberg

There was a drizzle outside but on Wednesday night it was blossoming indoors at the first inaugural Red Party hosted by the Women’s Mafia to benefit Habitat for Humanity New York City at the generously sponsored Polar Lounge in Gramercy.  The event, which featured a silent auction and fashion presentation, brought together an energized and diverse network of people of all ages from, fashion, media, non-profit, financial and arts industries.

(From Left) Rita Khorozian, Wendy Levene, Engie Hassan, Marcy Clark, Lorianna Izrailova

For years Marcy Clark of Women’s Mafia has wanted to host a Red Party.  There are White Parties in the summer, but the transition from winter to spring and summer is a time bursting forth with fresh energy and opportunity.  That sentiment rang in full fervor at the event.  Decked in their crimson couture, guests mingled and sipped champagne to the musical styling’s of gorgeous DJ Sharri Model while perusing and bidding on items donated for the silent auction, including art, jewelry, designer shoes, a luxury Hotel Suite and a custom garment by Carlos Luna.   By evening’s end ticket sales, donations and the auction had raised thousands of dollars for Habitat for Humanity NYC!  On behalf of Women’s Mafia, Marcy spoke and thanked all in attendance, as did Alexander Tedford and Josh Lockwood of Habitat and one of their home buyer Family Partners, Candace George, who inspired the hushed crowd with her moving story.  Uplifted by their words, guests cheered and myriad flashbulbs went off during the fashion presentation featuring Red Party inspired wears by four exciting new designers, Alisha Trimble, Engie Hassan, Alexander Tedford and Dominique Auxilly.

Red Party Co-Hosts Alexander Tedford and Marcy Clark

Marcy Clark and Alexander Tedford, a menswear designer and also Donor Relation Associate of Habitat for Humanity NYC, first met several months ago at a magazine launch party through stylist Wayne Harris.  Their shared love of design and mutual passion for making New York City a better place sparked an instant connection, and when Alex started talking about his involvement with Habitat, the collaboration became obvious.

Lead Red Party Stylist Trina Patterson with stylist Patricia Parenti and Television Personality Cognac Wellerlane

As it turns out, Women’s Mafia and Habitat for Humanity NYC, two organizations from seemingly disparate sectors, actually share underlying fundamental common goals: to offer a platform for people to take their own initiative and run with it, and to build lasting networks and communities in which members are able to find support and mentors and ultimately become mentors themselves.

The event was different in creed than Habitat’s previous events, but ‘different in a good way,’ according to Habitat’s Executive Director, Josh Lockwood.  Though Habitat’s largest donors have historically come from the financial sector, support has weakened with the economy in recent years.  In light of changing times, Habitat has sought means of reaching out to different communities who share their goals and passion for providing homes and investing in improving the lives of low-income families.

In their first foray into support from media, entertainment and fashion industries, Habitat’s goal was to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.  With Marcy’s extensive reach of influential, like-minded and proactive women, not to mention her knack for getting people together and producing, and Alexander’s passion for design and success in cultivating support for Habitat from all 5 boroughs of NYC, the duo teamed up to pull off an event that was truly the first of its kind.  And a huge success!

Habitat for Humanity Board Members with Marcy Clark and Habitat for Humanity New York City's Family Partner Candace George

Of the Family Partners who receive homes through Habitat, Josh says, ‘these are people doing everything right,’ caring for their parents and providing opportunities for their children, holding down a job, but all the while unable to catch a break and forced to live in horrible conditions that pose constant risks to their physical and mental health.  Habitat gives a hand up, not a hand out.’  Family Partner homebuyers apply to Habitat, but the real work begins upon their acceptance into the program.  A general contactor builds the shell and core of the homes (condominiums and coops in NYC), and 4 days a week, 52 weeks a year, Family Partners join the robust team of volunteers to build the interior of the homes that they will ultimately move into.  As a result, costs of labor are kept to a minimum and the Family Partners develop an ownership and accountability for their investment into their homes.  They set a remarkable example for their children and their community that through commitment to change, betterment is possible.

That example resonates in the work that Marcy had done and continues to do with Women’s Mafia.  Women’s Mafia is about the power of women and community to create and support each other’s endeavors.  ‘A large group of women getting together is a powerful thing in and of itself,’ says Marcy.  The mission is to support causes, charities, independent businesses, talented up and coming designers and artists that Women’s Mafia members believe in. Both Women’s Mafia and Habitat are optimistic about additional collaborations in the future. In the meantime Habitat is gearing up for their largest event of the year to take place at Cipriani Wall Street on November 1st, an annual gala with 500-600 guests that highlights the Family Partner of the year.  Next on the agenda for Women’s Mafia is the official launch of the memoir and beauty-advice tome “Spa Wars” by Lora Condon, makeup artist for the Red Party, hosted by designer and stylist Patricia Fields at the House of Field downtown on Friday May 6th. Email to RSVP to that event or get involved with the cause!



Alisha Trimble – Designer –

Engie Hassan – Stylist and Designer –

Alexander Tedford – Menswear Designer –

Dominique Auxilli – Designer –


Makeup By Lora Condon aka “The Beauty Buster”
with Diana Margulies

Additional Makeup by Alicia Oliveri

Styling By Trina Patterson

Hair By Joey Pauline from The Salon at Patricia Field
with Jamie Starr at the Salon at Patricia Field

Styling for Ms. Trimble’s looks by V. Vernard

Jewelry by Delicate Raymond and Stylist’s Own Collections

Shoes by Luichini Shoes, Courtesy of Trina Patterson

Makeup Artist Diana Margulies, Lead Makeup Artist Lora Condon, Marcy Clark and Makeup Artist Alicia Olivera - We had the best in the business!

Model Photo Call after the show


Lorianna Izrailova – Model

Rene Melchor – Art and Silent Auction Consultant

Wayne Harris – Red Carpet Stylist

Cognac Wellerlane – Television Host

Matthew Schwartz – Social Media Chair

Elisha Dang – Graphic Artist and the Women’s Mafia Consigliere

Ashmi Elizabeth Dang – Graphic Artist

Alexander Tedford – Designer and Habitat for Humanity – New York City Donor Relations

Marcy Clark – Publicist and the Women’s Mafia Founder


Josh Lockwood – Executive Director – Habitat for Humanity New York City

Josh Lockwood of Habitat for Humanity and Marcy Clark of Women's Mafia

Catherine Smith of Monarch Agency

Alex Beitler of Yellow Sky Agency

David Cote – Publishing and Finance

Lorianna Irzailova

Assistants to Marcy Clark: Carlos Aparicio, Victoria Wallner, Carolina Sanchez, Tatyana Maddona

Engie Hassan and the entire EngieStyle team

Stream Cosmetics for Makeup Donations

Alexander Tedford and the entire Habitat for Humanity New York City Chapter

Dj Sharri Model

We Love Our Press Partners: Cognac Wellerlane, Rick Weaver, Katrena Moore, Lorna Solano, Arthur Eisenberg, Courtney Henley-Anderson, Sarah Anolik, Isabell de Wit, Jaime Gutierrez

A special thanks to Calvin Vu, John Tate and The Polar Lounge for their generosity

Our Models: Lorianna Irzailova (Wilhemina), Engie Hassan, Dominique Auxilly, Leah Wilche, Amanda Lynn Lesink, Diana (Monarch), Randy (Monarch), Franck, Dmitri Astatev, Rita Khorozian, Jinelle Benitez, Aida Sinusaite.

Organized by Marcy Clark and the Women’s Mafia

More pictures from the event:
(Photography by Arthur Eisenberg)

Model and Host Committee member Lorianna Izrailova with the Fastastic DJ Sharri Model

Models Leah, Amanda and Diana in looks by Alisha Trimble

Models Jinelle and Aida with Dominique Auxilly (center) wearing looks by Dominique Auxilly

Models Dmitry, Franck and Randy wearing looks by Alexander Tedford

Models Rita and Lorianna with Designer Engie Hassan (Center) in Engie Hassan's Rouge Et Noir Collection

Hair Stylist Joey Pauline of The Salon at Patricia Field (Hair Stylist Jaime Starr not pictured)

Stylist V Vernard, Model Amanda, Designer Alisha Trimble and Model Leah

Salliha Dzo with Designer Alisha Trimble

Women's Mafia Founder Marcy Clark, Makeup Artist and Author Lora Condon, Stylist Patricia Parenti, Television Host Cognac Wellerlane

Marcy Clark with Writer Katrena Moore of The Katswalk

Jewelry Designer Michelle of Delicate Raymond

Rick Weaver of "Icon Americana" with Catherine Smith of Monarch Models

Gallerist and Art Consultant Rene Melchor with Yelow Sky Agency Founder Alex Beitler

Arthur Eisenberg, Self Portrait in the Deco Mirrors at Polar Lounge