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TALENT Q&A: Flo Anthony

By June 7, 2011One Comment3 min read

By Carlos Aparicio

The “Gossip Queen” Flo Anthony is a journalist, author, radio & TV personality, publisher/editor-in-chief of BlackNoir and Toy Box Magazines and an internationally successful entrepreneur. A role model for women who strive for independence and professionalism, Flo has been in the media business for decades and has a lot of knowledge and insight to share.

Join us as we get to know more about this enchanting media power girl.

Women’s Mafia (WM): What inspired you to start your career in the media business?

Flo Anthony (FA): I just always wanted to be a columnist. As a young girl, I was the reporter from my high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the Youth Page in the Ann Arbor News. I also was a member of the Radio Guild In High School, so I also began doing radio at a young age.

WM: You mentor and represent a lot of up-coming people nowadays. What or who gave you your “big break” and how did you seize it?

FA: I started working as an assistant for my manager, Tobe Gibson, at Young Talent, when I graduated from college. That started me in PR and management. Then, Bill Gallo and Jerry Lisker, who are both deceased, helped me get my first job at the New York Post in 1985. Joan Rivers was also a big help to me.

WM: You have achieved many things in your life. What do you consider to be biggest accomplishments?

FA: I don’t see myself as accomplished, just as very hardworking. However, Michael Jackson, allowing me to bring “Inside Edition” cameras to his “They Don’t Care About Us” video shoot, was a huge accomplishment. And, I didn’t even realize how big it was at the time. They ran the interview for two straight days. I just took it all in stride. I also was on the set when Mike and Janet shot the video for “Scream.”

WM: It is known that you are always working on a million different projects. How do you keep balance in your life?

FA: I keep a pretty tight schedule. I start live radio at 7:20 every morning. Then, I get a break at 9:15. I surf the web and research stories for the next day. Then, I wrote and record two radio feeds for the next day, ‘Gossip To Go With Flo,” and “Flo Anthony’s Big Apple Buzz” at 12:05 PM. From there, I work on projects for my PR clients, my magazine, hustle up stories for the Gatecrasher column in the New York Daily News, and, on Tuesdays, I write my weekly column. Since I work from home, I also do housework everyday around that time too. Then, I go back on the radio from 2:15 to 5:00 PM. I also send out the recorded MP3s to my stations. In the evening, I sometime have events, tape my reality show, meet friends for dinner, or just relax at home. On the weekends, I relax, read, run errands, go to church, meet friends and watch TV.

WM: What words of wisdom do you have for young Women’s Mafia members looking to become reporters or journalists?

FA: Study hard. Find the type of career you want and carve your own niche. Heed advice and follow instructions. Lastly, be kind to your peers.

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  • Ms.DeNiseofAnnArbor says:

    Hello Flo.
    Can you tell me the real deal on the Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy
    wedding delays? Also how much money is Nicole reportedly out of with her ex boyfriend / financier, Stratos.