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THE BEAUTY BUSTER GIFT GUIDE: 9 Gifts To Make Holiday Shopping Quick, Easy and FUN!

By November 25, 2013No Comments4 min read

Lora “the Beauty Buster” and SPA WARS author who Dr. Oz hails as “the ultimate beauty insider” has curated a list of her favorite gifts for your beauty obsessed friends and family members. You know who they are, and now you know what to buy them.

1. Get Sex and the City skin now that two of the biggest beauty industry legends have teamed up.  Flawless is now achievable with Temptu’s personal airbrush foundation, in these limited edition designs sold only at Patricia Field’s online store as well as her NY Bowery Street location.  The perfect mist application covers imperfections on the face as well as the body.  This is every girl’s fantasy gift. $115

2. Why settle for a loser millionaire boyfriend when you can have a Billionaire Boyfriend, fragrance that is.  Fantasize about the smell of billions with this convenient, rollerball perfume with luxurious notes of Sandalwood, bergamot, tangerine and patchouli.  The best part is that it doesn’t cost a billion to smell like a billionaire. $22 – $65

3. Nothing beats guilt-free pleasure and a Pumpkin Peel Facial can be your dirty little secret this holiday season. Pumpkin contains more than 100 age-reversing anti-oxidants and enzymes like alpha-hydroxy acid to break through dead, dry and dull skin cells. It is deeply hydrating, and exfoliates surface cells to reveal a younger, healthy skin. Not only does pumpkin smell amazing, it is highly effective as a resurfacing peel.

As an esthetician and the owner of “Magic Hands Skin and Body Spa” in New Jersey she has won 5 awards for her work including “Best Facial” and “Best Treatment” in the National SPA WEEK Awards. To book a Pumpkin Peel Facial with Lora Condon in New Jersey or NY visit or call 973-715-3826

4. Nourish your body, skin and hair with my all-time favorite beauty ingredient. Yes, it’s olive oil.  We all know that not just any olive oil will do the trick, so Ugly Goat is my pic for the best tasting, heart healthy food.  Beauty industry insiders know that olive oil is one of the most healing and nourishing ingredient for hair, skin and nails.  Put the Mediterranean liquid gold into your hair at night and wash it in the morning for silky smooth hair with no fly-aways.  No eye cream can compare to the hydrating, healing ability of olive oil and only a few drops will do the trick.  Your bottle will last all year.  Dry cracked skin, doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

5. Cosmetic bags just became a whole lot cooler with these quirky, quote stamped canvas bags.  It’s the perfect gift for the girl who has everything, and now she has a great place to hold it all.  Some of the more popular quotes are, “New York is my boyfriend”,  “Life is too short to not eat what you want” and “Lipgloss is for beginners”.  The bags average $17, so feel free to fill them up.

6. Youthful 8, Milania Haircare is so powerful, I can’t believe there is not a shortage of products.  Winner of the Beauty Buster Award for Best Specialty Hair Product, these 3 products are endorsed by Teresa Giudice and we all know how amazing her hair looks.  There are 8 main ingredients that deliver silky, strong, shiny hair and not surprising that silk is one of those youth giving ingredients.  Argan oil, Vitamin A, B3, E, C, keratin and avocado oil complete the smoothing formulas.  All you need to do is put 1 or 2 pumps of each in wet hair, mix with styling product and prepare to be amazed.  Of course they have gift sets for easy shopping.

7.  Mistletoe beware when you’re wearing Angel Girl Lipgloss. Sexy, luscious lips are always in style and every woman loves a new lipgloss. Mix and match, wear them alone or freshen up your old lipstick with shimmering, plumping, high shine gloss. Who doesn’t want to be kissed by an angel this holiday season? $17

8. Only one thing will perk you up after all the holiday parties and that’s, Wake The F’Up, diesel powered coffee.  Yes, I’m F’n serious about this coffee. As their website says, “It will put some stride in your step and some lead in your pencil, not to mention, that you will probably reorganize the garage and finally get to the lawn.” $9.99

9. Charity and giving is the real theme of the season and Cup of Joe For A Joe gives free hot and cold, cups of coffee to soldiers fighting in the Middle East. It only costs $2 a cup, which is affordable for anyone’s budget.  After they get their coffee, most will email you a thank-you letter right from the heart. I never knew a cup of coffee could ever mean so much to someone. Sometimes the cup of coffee you give them may be the highlight of their day or maybe even their last.

Lora Condon aka The Beauty Buster
Author of Spa Wars – The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry