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We had the privilege of sitting down with Lisa Dolan, the founder and President of the new men’s styling and personal shopping concierge service Savile Row Society, which is reinventing the way men shop with a curated, omni-channel platform staffed with professional fashion stylists, to ensure men get the right look and fit, every time.

What Lisa has created is pretty exciting. Savile Row Society works with both the best stylists and the best brands in the world. Their roster of talent includes wardrobe and personal style consultants (such as Women’s Mafia members Engie Hassan and Dawn Del Russo) who have dressed Royalty, celebrities and top executives all over the world, contributed to publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Numero, and have been seen on Fox, E! News, NBC, CBS and more.

With a luxurious New York showroom steps from Madison Square Park and an intuitive online platform, Savile Row Society is the one-stop shopping destination that caters to every wardrobe need, from men’s custom suiting, to shoes, to accessories. SRS offers more than 80 best-in-class brands including Barbour, Lacoste, Hook & Albert, Paul Evans, Haspel, Edward Armah, Pretentious Pocket, Alan Paine, Margo Petitti, Tateossian, Allen Edmonds and Daniel Wellington. Here we have an exclusive interview with Lisa Dolan:

Women’s Mafia: What is the mission of Savile Row Society? What are the unique draws for your clients and customers?

Savile Row Society’s mission is to make an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for the professional male. My goal is to make sure every guy has access to quality garments in an easy to use format. It’s that simple. I also have high falutin ideas about making SRS a men’s club, replicating the feeling of a Havana Club.

WM: How did you get your start in the world of high-end fashion and what advice do you have for up-and-coming young entrepreneurs and stylists?

I threw myself into the mens fashion world – I went to the high-end designers’ Market parties. The first warm intros were always done in a non-business setting, which was very helpful to me.

I learned that the high-end mens fashion business is very much of a family – everyone knows each other, and in order to do business, you need to join the family, and I was excited to join. I was originally seen as the weird tech-company but in the end after a few seasons, designers perked up and recognized SRS could be an idea partner to reach our high-end customer.

WM: I understand you support some great causes with Savile Row Society. What causes are important to you?

Career Gear provides professional clothing to under privileged men who are looking for employment. SRS was originally built on the tenets that personal branding and image are so important in today’s fluid marketplace, where no one stays in a profession or location for a lifetime.

Getting the interview/job is where the main discrepancies  lie – once you have the job, anyone can learn and prove themselves. I am confident Career Gear has some role in closing that gap.

WM: When did you realize you could make your passion your career?

I was running on a treadmill and I saw my life on a clearly charted path in front of me.

I wanted to create my own path.

I knew I wasn’t excited – I wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to make an impact in any way. Thru SRS, we can effectively improve the image of professional men, to help them achieve both their personal and professional goals

WM: What is your favorite date night look for a man?

A blazer, jeans, brown shoes, and a shirt of his choosing – button downed to black tee shirt – the shirt shows what kind of man he is.

WM: You do so much between running your business, hosting so many fashion events and your cat type of person he is, or what type of date he wants it to be. I love a guy who wears a pocket square and no tie.

harity work – what energizes you?

Hmm that’s a good question – I don’t really know – I’ve always naturally had a lot of energy. I think it’s that I am extremely curious, love challenges, and love doing something new. If I had to pinpoint one driver, it would be my curiosity – I want to constantly be learning of what’s out there, and how I can be a part of it.

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?

Well for starters, I’d love to have SRS dress your man so you can go on doing what you love to do, and do other, more fun things together than go shopping!

WM: Lastly, please share with us – If you could dress any gentleman, alive or dead who would it be?

Warren Buffet! Mr. Buffet – our atelier is always open to you. :-)

Ask Ashley: Lessons For My Daughter

Dating Exploits Men Sex and Relationships

By Women’s Mafia Editor and Relationship Columnist Ashley Papa

I don’t have a daughter or any children.  But I asked myself, if I ever have a daughter, what lessons could I teach her about boys and dating?  These would likely change as I get older.  But, here are 13 I’d give her right now.

  1. Be passionate about other things, like science or music.  Don’t let a boy or a relationship consume all of your energy.
  2. Date all types of boys.  They can all teach you different things about what you want and who you want to be with in the end.  Maybe a ‘techie’ will steal your heart when you thought you’d end up with a Wall Street banker.
  3. You will claim to ‘fall in love’ with all your boyfriends, but when you finally, really fall in love with the right one, you’ll look back at past boyfriends and realize, it really wasn’t love.
  4. Always speak up if something is bothering you. This doesn’t mean drown a boy in a tidal wave of your emotions. But if there is an issue that is weighing heavy on your heart and mind, you need to tell him.  A boy that loves you will listen.
  5. Wait as long as you can to have sex.
  6. The only time a guy should ever make you cry is if it’s out of happiness. Never let a boy make you cry for any other reason.
  7. Not all, but many of the cool and popular boys end up growing into fat and unattractive men.  So, don’t be too quick to blow off that nerdy looking math whiz who plays the trumpet.
  8. Pay more attention to a boy’s actions than what he says.
  9. Don’t be too quick to trust and respect.  They both should be earned, not given.
  10. You should never have to convince a guy to want to be with you. You aren’t a sales girl trying to sell yourself. A boy should genuinely want to be with you because he can’t imagine his life without you.
  11. Don’t confuse an easy relationship and a convenient relationship. Sometimes the greatest love forms from the most inconvenient circumstances.
  12. You’ll likely run to your friends a lot for relationship help, listen and consider what they say.  But remember that everyone has different experiences.  So what may have worked for them, may not work for you, and vice versa.
  13. That said, you will receive lots of dating advice; from your family and your friends.  But, in the end, you’ll make your own choices on what you do and who you date.

What would you add to this list? (Discuss!)

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