Valentine’s Day Redux: Be the One That You Want

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Sometimes your significant other doesn’t get Valentine’s Day quite right. Or you are single. In those times, it is important to be nice to yourself, cherish yourself, and sometimes to shop for yourself… a lot!

Here are some of our favorite picks for this year, to treat yourself today or any time of year!

Design Your Own 3D Printed Fine Jewelry with American Pearl

If you didn’t get the jewelry that your heart desires, design it yourself! Do you love gold? Are you partial to Tahitian Pearls or Black Diamonds? Start with American Pearl’s gorgeous designs and customize for you or your beloved (men’s jewelry and cuff links available too!) with choices including gold, silver or platinum; diamonds, emeralds, rubies and precious birth stones; and pearls from all over the world. Complimentary custom engravings are available for most designs. and

18K Yellow Gold Black Diamond and Aubergine Tahitian Pearl Flow Ring $1867
14k White Gold and Black Green Tahitian Pearl Flow Ring $1800


American Pearl’s Fully Customizable Key To Her Heart Pendant
Valentine’s Day price:$775.00, originally $2,713.

Tahitian Pearl Pendant heart Love – choose from 8 different colors of Tahitian Pearls
Originally $875, now $250 for Valentine’s Day


TrueFacet is an exciting new online marketplace for Certified Authentic designer jewelry, with a mission of guaranteeing the best price for both buyer and seller by getting fakes out of the marketplace.

Nearly every woman’s heart races at the sight of a robin’s egg blue box from Tiffany & Co. This Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Bone Bracelet is a timeless, thoughtful gift you can wear all year round. It is only $600 on TrueFacet, originally $995. It comes direct from TrueFacet in fully refurbished “like new” condition in Tiffany’s signature Robin’s Egg Blue box with a Certificate of Authenticity.

18k White and Rose Gold Serpent Necklace by Damiani at TrueFacet

This pendant necklace from Damiani is beautiful and perfect for the lady who loves feminine elegance. The necklace is made of 18K white gold and features a serpent-shaped pendant. The pendant is set with ~2.13ct of pink sapphires and white diamonds. Lastly, the bail is made of 18K rose gold. Included Items: Gift Box. Retail Price: $9,740, $2,727 At TrueFacet


AumHome “Soul&Space” aromatherapy sprays

Valentines Day special Bhakti elixir for Men&Women. Perfect offering to the ones you adore. Garners attraction and peace. Each hand crafted, small batch Aum Home spray features aromatherapy designed to uplift, heal and clear negativity. Yogi, Healer and Interior Designer Nidhi Huba of Aum Home creates each limited edition batch with specific healing intentions. Featured Organic Essential Oils are blended with Selenite crystal, Colloidal Silver and Gem Elixirs. Every bottle is energized with Reiki, Sound Healing, Mantras and blessed crystals to keep. To enhance your experience, before spraying tap the bottle on your palm with suggested chant or affirmation.


$21 for the Valentines Bhakti elixir. $35 custom spray blended with clients intent with essential oils  & crystal perfect for the request. Limited edition, pre-orders suggested.
Shop Ken Chen’s new KC SF for beautiful, affordable clothes made in California.
Our dear friend, and Women’s Mafia Fashion Week alum, Ken Chen has been busy this season creating a new diffusion line that features his signature asymmetrical details, gorgeous draping and flattering silhouettes at very affordable prices. A few I love, named after some Women’s Mafia members!
The “Marcy” dress ($45). Named after moi! (OMG, how exciting!)
The Ally Dress ($45) named after singer/songwriter Ally Sereda, the Engie Jacket ($56) named after stylist Engie Hassan
The Constance jogger top ($36) and pants ($39) after fashionista Constance Zheng.

Last, but certainly not least, something for the man (or men – we don’t judge!) in your life:

An Accessory or Styling Session with Savile Row Society

Does your guy hate to shop but love that look in your eyes when he is dressed to the nines? Savile Row Society is a men’s personal styling, shopping and custom suiting platform for men that promises to be “the end of shopping as men know it.” The service connects men (or you and your guy) with a live, professional NY stylist right away for quick, efficient, curated wardrobe building without having to look through hundreds of online options. They can even hop on Skype with you!

They have stand-out accessories such as these Tateossian Cufflinks ($195) and leather Dopp kits for gifts, Closet Cleanses and Personal Shopping at home ($350), Personal Styling Sessions online or in their NY Showroom (Free) and Custom Shirting starts at $150.



Visit and schedule your guy’s stylist appointment today!

Ask Ashley: Lessons For My Daughter

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By Women’s Mafia Editor and Relationship Columnist Ashley Papa

I don’t have a daughter or any children.  But I asked myself, if I ever have a daughter, what lessons could I teach her about boys and dating?  These would likely change as I get older.  But, here are 13 I’d give her right now.

  1. Be passionate about other things, like science or music.  Don’t let a boy or a relationship consume all of your energy.
  2. Date all types of boys.  They can all teach you different things about what you want and who you want to be with in the end.  Maybe a ‘techie’ will steal your heart when you thought you’d end up with a Wall Street banker.
  3. You will claim to ‘fall in love’ with all your boyfriends, but when you finally, really fall in love with the right one, you’ll look back at past boyfriends and realize, it really wasn’t love.
  4. Always speak up if something is bothering you. This doesn’t mean drown a boy in a tidal wave of your emotions. But if there is an issue that is weighing heavy on your heart and mind, you need to tell him.  A boy that loves you will listen.
  5. Wait as long as you can to have sex.
  6. The only time a guy should ever make you cry is if it’s out of happiness. Never let a boy make you cry for any other reason.
  7. Not all, but many of the cool and popular boys end up growing into fat and unattractive men.  So, don’t be too quick to blow off that nerdy looking math whiz who plays the trumpet.
  8. Pay more attention to a boy’s actions than what he says.
  9. Don’t be too quick to trust and respect.  They both should be earned, not given.
  10. You should never have to convince a guy to want to be with you. You aren’t a sales girl trying to sell yourself. A boy should genuinely want to be with you because he can’t imagine his life without you.
  11. Don’t confuse an easy relationship and a convenient relationship. Sometimes the greatest love forms from the most inconvenient circumstances.
  12. You’ll likely run to your friends a lot for relationship help, listen and consider what they say.  But remember that everyone has different experiences.  So what may have worked for them, may not work for you, and vice versa.
  13. That said, you will receive lots of dating advice; from your family and your friends.  But, in the end, you’ll make your own choices on what you do and who you date.

What would you add to this list? (Discuss!)

Send your burning dating, relationship and love questions Attn. “Ask Ashley” to A professional journalist by training and a television news producer by day, if Ashley doesn’t know the answer to your question, she will find the perfect expert to help!

Women’s Mafia Exclusive Interview: the Founders of Piccee, The Revolutionary New Visual Dating Site

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by Marcy Clark

I had the privilege to interview the founders of an exciting new online dating application called Piccee, which harnesses the power of beautiful, evocative images to express our emotions and begin conversations based on subliminal connections. It’s a fascinating new site that could be a big game changer – sign up for a free trial now! Women’s Mafia members and friends can use the early access code 747 for a limited time.

Women’s Mafia: Can you briefly tell us a little bit about each of the founders and the key role they play at Piccee?

Dr. Ronnie Edell — co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Piccee — is a long-time human behavior specialist and relationship expert, and a bestselling author who has appeared on “Oprah” numerous times as well as all other major national, regional, and local media. His first book, “How to Save Your Marriage from an Affair: Seven Steps to Rebuilding a Broken Trust,” was the first book in the nation on infidelity written by an expert. His bestselling second book, “The Sexually Satisfied Woman: The 5-Step Program for Getting Everything You Want in Bed,” was praised by “The Reader’s Catalog” as one of the best books in print in its category, with the annotation, “Unique in its reliance on the power of the woman.” Dr. Edell is the visionary force behind Piccee.

Craig Lauer — co-founder, COO and CTO of Piccee — was formerly CTO for Dr. Patrick Soon- Shiong, the healthcare visionary and Los Angeles’s wealthiest billionaire. Earlier he served in multiple executive roles — including VP of Technology and VP of Engineering — in multiple key divisions of Fortune 500 company Qualcomm. Craig oversees the Piccee Technical Team, which as if by magic turns the vision of Piccee into practical reality.

Barbara Edell — co-founder and EVP of Piccee — was an earlier co-founder, with Dr. Ronnie Edell and Craig Lauer, of Vision Maker Consultants, a high-tech consultancy to Fortune 500 companies and major U.S. government agencies during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. She has also been an educator and a counseling specialist as well as an entrepreneur for various different businesses. Barbara brings a unique perspective to Piccee and an invaluable female touch.

Matt Dawson — co-founder and President of Piccee — is an extremely popular fitness and wellness professional with a Klout score of 72 and a Twitter feed (@Matt_Dawson) with, at this writing, well over 12,000 followers. Matt is Piccee’s resident Social Media Impresario — he helps promote the Piccee experience through the major social media outlets.

Piccee Founders: Matt Dawnson, Barbara Edell, Dr. Ronnie Edell and Craig Lauer

Images that two users chose to describe family (left) and religion (right).

WM: Piccee is an image-focused dating site, rather than text. How does this help people find a good match? What else distinguishes Piccee from the myriad of other digital dating products on the market?

First, you don’t have to write a single word of a profile. Many people struggle with writing text- based profiles. Many individuals don’t like to read text-based profiles. Also, in a text-based profile there are too many opportunities to lie or dissemble. A picture is worth a thousand words. A single picture illustrating an important life-concept — Love, Family, Childhood, Commitment — or even a more lighthearted aspect of ourselves — Food, Travel, Activities, Bucket List — tells us volumes about an individual. Add 16 of these pictures together (or more) and the result is a kaleidoscopic window into another soul. It is very difficult to “fake” yourself using a picture profile. These profiles also allow people to assess another person instantaneously because they engage the right side of the brain, home of visual imagery and intuition. Also, right-brain communication, which is emotional, is the key to interaction in relationships. People cannot communicate as well using left-brain logic. Think of Mr. Spock from the old “Star Trek” series. It is only on those few occasions when he actually felt feelings that we had to root for him and we felt he was “one of us.”

Most importantly, when we see a collection of pictures in a profile that really resonate with us — pictures that we might have chosen ourselves — we feel that this person is a simpatico, someone we could talk to, someone we might have something in common with. This is how relatedness and intimacy begin.

Also important: Piccee fosters authentic communication. Each topic keyword was carefully chosen by Dr. Edell based on his many years of research and field experience. Pictures are chosen by searching through a database of over 1 million images — or you can upload your own. A Piccee picture profile doesn’t convey “this is what I do”; it conveys “this is who I am.” And members can message each other based on the pictures in their profile: “Why did you choose a picture of a hobby horse to illustrate Childhood?”

Images that two different users chose to express “Conversation.”

WM: There are some human behavior and bio-psycho-social theories behind Piccee. Can you briefly explain some of the important philosophy behind the product?

First and foremost is right-brained communication, which engages the visual mind — and the heart. We see a picture of a puppy, we have a feeling — “Oh, how cute!” If this illustrates Love, it is a clear dimension of a person’s experience of love. The picture profile itself uses principles of Gestalt, “the psychology of the whole,” popularized by Fritz Perls in the 1960’s, and earlier by other great thinkers in the fields of philosophy and human behavior. We assess personality from a composite view. We want to see all facets of the diamond, not just one. But Piccee is not meant to be a tool for analysis in any way — it is a tool for fun, and for meeting people. We have purposely kept it light, even though soul-to-soul or heart-to-heart communication can be quite profound.

At the same time, the visual nature of Piccee allows us to return to the splendor, wonder, and awe of that picture-book world of childhood, with its rich visual imagery that seemed to surround us everywhere — we see the world with fresh eyes as we can only do through our visual minds. It is perhaps this return to the sense of wonder and play of childhood that makes people excited most about Piccee.

WM: You recently launched the product on September 1st, so it’s all just begun. It’s an exciting time, but we’d still like to ask where you see the company in five years?

The core of our mission is to enable people all over the world and of all ages to communicate in ways that foster intimacy. Doing so will help people to experience the magic of love. Today, we’re focused on helping single people in the United States. In five years, we fully expect to be global and to grow beyond singles to couples and marriages. Communication is so vital to intimacy, we see this as a lifelong mission. Just as Facebook has become a platform for sharing, and Twitter a platform for personal broadcasting, we see Piccee as becoming a platform for fostering authentic, intimate communication.

WM: Lastly, as I always ask, what can the powerful women in the Women’s Mafia help make happen for you?

The powerful women in the Women’s Mafia can honestly assess and evaluate Piccee and, if they feel it offers something positive to themselves and their friends, spread the word and allow their friends the opportunity to potentially meet someone who can bring them great joy, fulfillment, and love. There is no greater gift in the world than love, and if Piccee allows members of the Women’s Mafia to give that gift to others by proxy, then we cannot be happier. We need more happiness and love in the world.

More Wine at the Caffé

Dating Food Nightlife

by Saira Toppin

I entered Caffé e Vino simply to drop off photographs with my partner Luis Vaz (photographer) for the owner’s wife. Luis introduced me to Giuseppe who then asked us if we wanted a drink… The night was in the bag from there.

Our jackets were taken to coat check, wine was served and appetizers were ordered. Fresh soft bread with tomato spread and water was placed on the table. We ate fried calamari and zucchini and sipped wine.

Since we only stepped in to make a drop, having a full meal was not on my mind. Giuseppe asked us if we wanted to eat…what to do?? Having had a late lunch that day I knew I was not too hungry, but me giving up delicious Italian food is unheard of, never to be uttered aloud. I told him to make a light dish for me. A few minutes later we were met with linguine with Alfredo sauce topped with shrimp. Luis was not too happy because they served us both small plates. I got what I asked for, sorry buddy.

I thought that we were receiving exceptional treatment because my partner knew the owner, but it seemed to be given to all attendees of the restaurant, which is amazing, because we were given a lot of attention. The atmosphere was very warm, exposed brick and candlelight, always perfect for a second date. I say second because you do not want to start off with too much romance on the first date. Don’t scare him/her away just yet.

Back to the pasta which was great, the Alfredo sauce was different, nothing like I had before. It truly tasted homemade.

To end the meal off we were given homemade cheesecake and I opted for more wine instead of a latte. I left with a smile on my face and an overstuffed stomach. No room for complaint. We grabbed our coats and crossed the bridge to attend a party thrown by the Mayor.

If you are looking for a great new restaurant to try, head over to Caffé e Vino in Downtown Brooklyn, right before the Manhattan Bridge at 112 Dekalb Avenue.

The LOVE Lounge: The Official New York Fashion Week Valentine’s Day Beauty Bar

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When was the last time you took 30 minutes to experience the best primping and pampering New York has to offer?

As always, the Women’s Mafia is providing an un-paralleled experience for our members and guests to celebrate all things mega-glam and self-loving this Valentine’s Day with a Fashion Week Beauty Bar hosted by Jason Hayes, Hairstylist for The Rockettes, major motion pictures, Broadway and television shows like SNL and Gossip Girl, and Lora Condon, award-winning aesthetician, GMA makeup artist and “The Lash Dr.”  Enjoy special cocktails, valentine’s chocolates and make valentine’s for your sweethearts at this exclusive, private event.

The Love Lounge

The Official Fashion Week Valentine’s Day Beauty Bar

February 14th from 4-8pm

Love Yourself Packages:
The Sweetheart Deal – Glam Lash Extensions by Lora the Lash Dr., A Blowout or Updo by celebrity hairstylist Jason Hayes, and a Beauty Touch-Up – $90*
Brilliant Blowouts – $25*
Retro-Glam Updo’s – $45*
Glam Lash Extensions by The Lash Dr.  – mini-set lasts 4-6 weeks $45*
Beauty Touch-Ups – $25*

Hot House Flowers Beauty, Inc.
315 West 39th St. Studio 509-510. Between 8th and 9th Avenues
Doorman until 6pm, call 212.807.8808 after 6pm.

*A Portion of all proceeds benefits CTI/Suitability, a Non-profit dedicated to helping women become economically independent.

Private Industry Event by Appointment Only – 212.729.9619. The first 10 Press who book appointments can experience one complimentary service.

RSVP to, subject “Love Lounge.”

A Cross-Country Trek for Love: Scott Gralnick Takes Dating Way Outside the Box

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By Marcy Clark, with additional reporting by Lauren Garroni

Can you think of the last time you did something romantic for the one you loved? That long huh? In the age of Facebook, Skype, texting, and it has never been easier to have a relationship, but with all these digital interventions something has been lost in translation. A virtual teddy bear gifted via Facebook doesn’t hold the same romantic weight as its analogue counterpart. Scott Gralnick, author of How to Get a Girl in a 1995 Corolla, has taken note of culture’s shifting romantic priorities. When Gralnick wrote the book How to Get a Girl…, a reference to his ability to pick up women despite his lackluster vehicle, two years ago he was single and on the prowl. He parlayed his talent with the fairer sex into a guidebook that taught men how to meet women in a tactful yet creative way. But today Gralnick is a changed man, he’s found what we’re all searching for – Love. There is one caveat, because of his charm book past she isn’t sure if she should date him…that and she lives across the country. What is a determined boy in love to do? Walk across the country to prove his love – of course. This is Dating Outside The Box.

Women’s Mafia: What qualities does this woman have that she has bewitched you soo that you are going to walk across the country to win her?
Scott Gralnick: Her compassion for the human race and wanting to help others. The love for her family. She has taken a step back from life and has learned a lot and keeps learning. She has a smile that can bring peace to anyone. Truth is her ally. She drives me to be a better person. I can get lost in her eyes. After I talk to her I have a feeling of fullness, but the fullness I feel is the essence she is. (I could go on for ever)

WM: Where did you get the idea for your trans-continental marathon stroll? Do you know of anyone who has attempted this mission and lived to tell the tale?

SG: My idea lies deep within my soul. I may not be the wealthiest man, but I am the most resourceful you’ll meet! If I cant fly there, id drive, if I cant drive Id bus, but i think most or any man can take those transportation to one they dream of. I want to show that We can over come anything, I am willing to put my soul and mind and all I am to get to her. The idea came to me with conviction and I knew I had to do it, wether or not I win her over I have to get the “WHAT IF” out of my head.. SEIZE THE DAY, well, this is my day and soon ours, I hope!  At the same time I want to show everyone who will joint that some times no matter what you have to take that leep and not fear.. Dating outside the box, Living outside the box and most of all live with passion outside the box!

I don’t know anyone who has done what I am going to do. But I look forward to bring out the hopeless romantics in the world and showing them not to be afraid.

WM: “Dating Outside the Box” is a mission, a slogan and a way of life for you, are you hoping to inspire others with your quest to go all out for love?

SG: Outside The Box is a world of its own, and yes, if this action brings about a whirl of love and thought of loving actions for good, then Dating Outside The Box has done good. I am merely a man, a man who is filled with much compassion, which I need to let out. And for the first time someone has hit a deep inner core with me and in that moment I knew I had to walk and share with the world, DATING OUTSIDE THE BOX and what we stand for.

WM: How can adventurous people, without your impressive stamina and free schedule, break out of normal, boring dating box? Will your new business plan help them in a meaningful way? What’s different about DOTB.TV?

SG: DOTB.TV will bring about world peace one date at a time. People who hate the initial time if investment into online dating will love our site and mobile app. We bring online dating offline for real human interaction. I don’t want to get into all the boring tech talk but through us you’ll get a date quick and have tons of fun doing it. Continue reading

Dating 101 by Women’s Mafia Dating Columnist Hunt Ethridge

Dating Exploits Featured Talent

By Writer and Dating Coach Hunt Ethridge


With the weather this past week, we can see Fall peeking around the skirts of Mother Summer.  We all know that once you lock that door for the last time on your beach house, packed away your white linen pants and enjoyed that last long weekend, it’s effectively done.  And we definitely got our money’s worth this year with soaring temperatures and hardly any rain.  I hope everybody made some good memories and got to feel butterflies at least once when talking to a hottie.

So with school starting back up for the kids, I thought I’d do a little Dating 101 prep course for everyone.  Hopefully these helpful tips will aid you in finding a nice hibernation-mate come the winter!


Men: You have to do the approaching.  I know it’s tough sometimes but women want someone who is bold enough to overcome their trepidation and charge forward.
Women: Don’t make it harder for us than it needs to be!  If you want us to come over, make sure you at least give us a smile or something.  Believe it or not, the male ego is much more fragile than yours.  Help us out.
General: If you keep meeting the same kinds of people in the same place you normally go to, branch out and try something different.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Men: Texts are fine for some back-and-forth but when it comes to setting up a date, women really appreciate a phone call.  It won’t kill you.
Women: Please don’t be upset with us that we don’t like to talk on the phone as much as you.  We’re just not built that way.
General: To alleviate confusion when a call is dropped, THE PERSON WHO MADE THE CALL is the one who calls back.  This will save calls being crossed, unnecessary voicemails and time.  Also, when on a date don’t be checking your phone/texting/tweeting.


Men: Belt and shoes should match.  Wear things that have stories behind them in case they are commented on.  Nails, hair and facial hair should be clean and sharp.
Women: Classy beats hootchie any day.  Not too much cleavage, skirt not too short.  Would be comfortable meeting his mother in what you’re wearing?  Don’t over accessorize.  Too much going on will be distracting.
General: Don’t try to make a big statement.  If you want to take a chance, make it with only ONE article of clothing.  Just make sure everything else is more muted.

The Date

Men: A night hanging out with your friends is not a “date.”  It should be just the two of you.  And don’t think you only can do dinner/movie/drinks.  Get creative, she’ll appreciate it.
Women: Don’t leave it all up to us.  Give us some general likes or dislikes so we can narrow it down.  Finding out you’re allergic to seafood as we sit down at The Chart House could have been easily avoided.
General: If this is someone you think you like, limit your alcohol to 2 or 3 drinks max.  Nobody wants a sloppy date.


Men: For the first couple of dates, we pay.  No it’s not fair, but there it is.  Of course, if she genuinely offers to pitch in, don’t be rude and shut her down.
Women: At the beginning we expect to pay, but don’t pretend it’s a foregone conclusion.  Make a polite attempt, it’ll make us feel good.  As you date longer, don’t mooch off the guy.  Pick up a tab here and there.
General: Tip well.  The other will notice if you don’t.  15% is the new minimum, 20% is the new standard.  Good service can be 25%.

End of Date

Men: If you decide to swoop in for the kiss, make it short and sweet.  Don’t attack her.  If she liked it, believe me, she’ll reach for seconds.
Women: If you’ve already decided that we’re not your type, don’t let us believe the date is still going well.  Otherwise we are going to feel like a fool.  Stick out your hand and say “goodnight.”
General: Less is more.  I know we are all very sexual people and we live in a wonderfully liberal world.  But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Let the tension build!

Post Date

Men: Forget the 2-day rule.  If you had a good time on the date, let her know.  A simple text, “Had a great night! :-) “ will do just fine.
Women: Don’t try to over-analyze anything we did.  We’re not that subtle.  Take anything he said for face value.
General: Don’t play games about “being busy” or waiting days to reconnect.  Everyone appreciates people being honest.


Men: If you’ve been dating for more than a month, a card is expected for whatever event it is (birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc…)  I know it sound lame to just get a cheap card, write a sentence, sign and give it to her but women will look at it as much more.  You cared enough to actually think about and take time to do it.  On the flip side, if you don’t get her anything, she’ll assume you DON’T think about her.  After 3 months, you need to get a gift.
Women: Remember how nice you felt when that old boyfriend brought you flowers for no reason?  Well we like to know we’re being thought of and appreciated also!  Make it a 6-pack of nice beer or his favorite mag.  It will delight us as much as flowers would you.
General: Don’t overspend.  If it’s too soon, you’ll look desperate.

Study up and get out there and make the Fall your “rise!”

If you have a question that you would like answered in this column or just need some good old advice, please email Hunt at or at Comments also can be left at Hunt Ethridge is a dating consultant and a fashion writer. Visit his website at Currently he is the senior dating coach at New York Dating Coach (