The Women’s Mafia Fashion Show at Bryant Park: “Leather & Lace”

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The Women’s Mafia Fashion Show at the Bryant Park Hotel on Wednesday Feb. 17th was an experiment in controlled Chaos. As word had spread throughout the fashion community about the subversive and sexy 10pm show and private party across from the tents, the venue was almost completely filled before the event had officially began at 9pm. The anticipation and buzz was palpable in Cellar Bar as it was backstage.

Downstairs our talented hair and makeup teams worked at a relentless pace to create our signature “Rock-Chic-meets-bedroom-eyes” look. Headed by celebrity makeup artist Chris Lanston for makeup (artist to the stars such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce) and inventor and entrepreneur Jamey Nash of Latest-Additions on hair, we knew we were in good hands. While working the phones to make sure our Vogue, WWD and Bergdorf contacts made it into the packed venue, our stylist Engie Hassan, designer Alisha Trimble and I styled and re-fitted the lingerie looks on some fabulous new models that were replacing some last-minute no-shows. Miraculously, everything came together in time and every look found its muse.

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Edition by Georges Chakra RTW Fall 2010: Black, Metallic & Fire

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by Rick Weaver, for Women’s Mafia &

Georges Chakra’s Fall 2010 “Edition” features elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses in a bedazzling display that at times conjures up memories of stylish periods past (40s and 50s) and at others provides a futuristic glimpse of high-fashion looks we expect to see in the not-so-distant future. Continue reading

Vassilios Kostetsos Fall 2010 – “Love unconquered in the battle”

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by Sonja Leix

Vassilios Kostetsos presented a beautiful collection, filled with color and life, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Inspired by Eros, the god of Love, Vassilios captured passion and love in every piece and all the detailing in his Fall 2010 line.
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Leanne Marshall Fall/Winter 2010

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By Saira Toppin

Leanne Marshall, winner of Project Runway Season 5 is back at it again at New York Fashion Week to present her Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The collection features big, loose, airy pieces. They are comfortable and relaxing; perfect ready-to-wear clothing. Taking a look at some of her older collections, the wide, Hershey kissed shaped skirt has been used before. This style is highlighted in the new collection and is working well for Marshall. Cream and blue seem to be the colors dominating this collection, which are perfect for the fall.

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Q&A with Engie Hassan: Our Fashion Show Stylist Forecasts Fall/Winter 2010’s Must Haves

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by Marcy Clark

Engie Hassan, our wonderful stylist for the Women’s Mafia Fashion Week Shows on Feb. 9th and 17th has offered to share her insights on Fall/Winter’s 2010’s top trends and also what pieces we can and should hold on to for years to come.

Engie Hassan, Marcy Clark

Women’s Mafia: We are very excited that you are styling the Women’s Mafia Fashion Week events this year! What elements of the shows are you most excited for the Press and Women’s Mafia members to see?

Engie Hassan: It’s always exciting to see fresh talent, and I am grateful to be a part of a team that provides a platform, literally and figuratively, from which fresh talent may emerge.

At this seasons event I am most excited for the press and Women’s Mafia members to have the opportunity to see the designers’ talent and hard work coming to life. Their collections are works of art and will leave the audience inspired and wanting more.

WM: What are some of the trends that you forecast seeing this Fashion Week?

EH: We will be seeing a lot of feminine touches, embellished accents, sleek shaped dresses, soft transparency, sheer blush frocks, soft draping and a lot of timeless pieces.

WM: What trends and style innovations are we seeing in the European Shows?

EH: Fashion as a whole maybe moving away from the hard-edged look, but a lot of the style innovations that I recently saw in the European Couture shows still had that attitude. There was a lot of “Lady Gaga” inspired collections.

While couture is always on a level of its own, the most classic designers like Emporio Armani dove into more theatrical and futuristic pieces. Continue reading