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Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2010 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

By October 15, 2009February 12th, 2010No Comments1 min read

By Saira Toppin

Isaac Mizrahi’s Spring collection features a bevy of satin and ruffles. The Women’s Mafia loves it.


Mizrahi  highlights traditional Spring pastels while including other colors in the spectrum. The yellows, greens, and pinks remind one of a beautiful Easter morning, but instead of eggs and bunnies, there are sharp-edged, sleeveless blouses and flowing, belted skirts. By adding big ruffles, big puffs, and long beads, the buyer will see more than just clothes this upcoming spring. The line enables women to step out of the box and be different, while still presenting themselves with an air of class and finesse. The spring collection also includes gorgeous black-tie gowns and attire, edgy blazers, and everything in between.