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Simmering with Samantha: Catching Up at Cafe Katja

By February 2, 2010No Comments2 min read

By Samantha Hew, Founder of Hewmour Catering

“I am having an emotional affair with my ex, well we’re just talking again, does that count as cheating? Do I have to tell Jon about this?” said one of my friends, let’s call him Tom. “I got my heart broken once again, he’s a lying whore!” said a new friend. “I loooove my single life”, said Tom’s coworker. “Ooooo I have someone for you Sam darlin, he’s rich and completely straight, you’ll love him!” Tom added. “Stop! Eeehh, can we order food 1st, I can’t eat after 7, I’m on a diet”, I interrupted.

Dining with 3 men who love nothing less than a man was an endless trip! I met Tom through a good friend of mine years ago. Tom is the typical handsome super-model-looking-male living in Chelsea, works in a high end fashion company, dated all the famous and rich in the industry, which I promised not to repeat EVER. Both men and women wouldn’t forget his face, not to mention he’s a sweetheart and extremely sensitive, which I see as a quality I am lacking.

We decided to have dinner last night at Cafe Katja, an Austro-Hungarian joint in LES (79 Orchard Street) which serves delicious pork belly sandwiches, and is one of my favorite restaurants! The menu is small and simple. The owner is friendly and attentive. The place fits about 25 bodies, but warm and cozy. I again ordered the pork belly sandwich. It didn’t disappoint me, the same tasty juicy sandwich melted in my mouth like the very first time. Go Katja! I recommend this place if you’re a meat lover and an imported beer drinker. The price is reasonable so go on and give Katja a try. As for Tom and his G-tribe, more details of the stories were shared. In conclusion, the only happy “thing” walking out of Katja was my belly.

Cafe Katja

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