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Haute Hulaween 2010: Two Great Halloween Looks That You Can Do

By November 17, 2010November 19th, 2010No Comments4 min read

By Nina Ramadan, Contributor to Women’s Mafia, EngieStyle and Fitness Magazine

It was no tricks and all treats at the 15th annual New York Restoration Project Hulaween Gala on Halloween weekend. The stars came out to celebrate the charity, whose mission is to help maintain a cleaner, greener New York City by developing parks and community gardens throughout the five boroughs.

While the flashing lights outside the Waldorf Astoria focused on the red carpet of the event, the real action was taking place behind the scenes.

Engie Hassan, Co-Chair Junior Committee for the after-party of the event and president of EngieStyle, turned attendees blue with envy when she entered as an Avatar. Covered entirely in airbrushed sapphire makeup, the trendsetter and judge for best costume completed her transformation with those famous waist-length braids and silver face markings, typical for her character.

Engie Hassan of EngieStyle

Engie, Before

The drama and complexity of Hassan’s jaw-dropping costume took close to two hours for professional makeup artist Christopher Neptune Aguero to complete.

The effort did not go unnoticed however. Hassan recalls, “Everyone thought I was a celebrity and wanted to be in a picture with me…I felt like I had stepped right out of the movie.”

While Hassan’s over-the-top look may require professional assistance, intern Ashley Crossman’s look proved that simple can still be Halloween glam.

Dressed in a pinstriped strapless body suit and faux fur vest, Crossman oozed the elegance and style of Barbie Classic. Crossman was her own personal makeup artist for the night, channeling Barbie with flawless foundation, a sheer cheek color, and a bright pink lip. Her eyes were the focus, lined in winged black liner and highlighted with sky-high lashes.

Ashley Crossman as Barbie "Classic"

Crossman had no hesitation when deciding her costume for the gala. “Barbie is where fashion and beauty began. I wanted to portray that in a fun way. And besides, who doesn’t love Barbie Classic? Where it began!”

To further accomplish Barbie’s easy and timeless appearance, fellow intern Stephanie Luzuriaga styled Crossman’s updo. Her blonde locks were teased and pinned at the crown to create major volume. The length of her hair was curled into large spirals, and pinned loosely at the nape of the neck. In combination with her minimal makeup, this retro hairstyle transformed Crossman into Barbie Classic effortlessly.

Opting for a simple look like Crossman’s is ideal for those interested in a costume idea that does not require professional help. Crossman used beauty products available at most stores, including L’Oreal Infallible foundation, Mattese Elite false lashes, Maybelline Color Sensational Red Revival lipstick, and Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara.

Achieving a dramatic look like Hassan’s will require some help, however. For her transformation, Aguero first hydrated and primed the skin with Chanel Hydramax + Active Cream to give it hours of refreshing moisture. After applying Mac face and body foundation, Aguero airbrushed Hassan’s entire face and neck with a blue airbrush makeup from Mac. The makeup was then set with Chanel’s Poudre Cristalline, a fine loose powder to prevent the makeup from moving. Hassan’s lashes were double up with falsies, and eyes lined in Chanel’s waterproof liner in Ebene and Noir Lame to give a long-lasting smoky affect. To create traditional Avatar tribal markings on Hassan’s face, Aguero combined gold pigment with shadow transformer to create a creamy texture. The fastest way to remove this extreme makeup is by using cleansing oil, which helps to break it down.

For those considering a transformation into an avatar next fall, Aguero assures, “Anyone can create an Avatar because all avatars are different and can come off in your own unique way.”

If you find yourself unable to decide on a costume when Halloween season rolls around next year, Hassan has some helpful advice. “Go all out! Halloween is only once a year, so definitely make your costume worth the one night! Always be creative and be something people wouldn’t expect you to be.”

By Nina Ramadan