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Women’s Mafia Artist Jodi Leib Featured in the GLAAD OUTAuction!

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American Recovery by Jodi Leib

Jodi Leib Interview with Marcy Clark

Women’s Mafia: Why did you get involved in the GLAAD OUTAuction? Have you always been passionate about gay rights?

Jodi Leib: I have always been interested in human rights and I believe the LGBT community deserves equal treatment. A few years ago I was having a conversation with an LGBT friend and he was sharing with me the struggles his community faces when it comes to being the next of kin.  I was shocked to hear that domestic partners are not automatically guaranteed the ability to participate in a life partner’s emergency medical needs, funeral arrangements, or estate inheritance should one die without a will. It just seemed tragic and unjust to me that there was this hole in the legal system, even though I understand that the laws exist to try to protect victims.  I think there needs to be more awareness that domestic partners need to have wills drawn in the event they become harmed or injured.  I also support GLAAD because I feel that hate crimes against any group of people must not be tolerated by the general population.

WM: What piece of art did GLAAD choose for the auction? Can you tell us about your inspirations?

J.L.: The painting I donated to GLAAD this year is called American Redemption.  It is an American flag with 12 stars, instead of the 13 that traditionally represent the colonies.  With so much public discussion over the past few years about America’s “addiction to oil” and the negative affects of our culture’s compulsive need to consume, this painting is a statement to those who genuinely want our nation to recover from the devastation of September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, and the economic meltdown. The message is that through recovery, anything is possible.

WM: Is this your first time being involved in the GLAAD Auction? Where else do you show your work and what style are you known for?

J.L.: This is my second year being involved in the GLAAD OUTAuction.  My first work of art I donated was a photograph I made called Flow Iris Calla Lily.  It was purchased by the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation and now resides in the foundation’s permanent collection.   My artwork has shown in galleries and exhibitions across the country most recently in Southampton, NY.  My style is bold and controversial, more like rock and roll than fine art.  I am also an independent filmmaker currently developing a feature film.
Enjoy a Press release with more info about Jodi Leib and the GLAAD OUTAuction below:

Jodi Leib
Featured artist in
GLAAD OUTAuction 2010

Reception: Sunday, November 21st 5:00 – 9:30pm

Metropolitan Pavilion: 125 West 18th Street. New York, NY 10011

New York, November 2010 –  Jodi Leib is a multimedia artist and filmmaker.  Her work displays an unconventional philosophy dedicated to cultural awareness and resolving conflict.  Her paintings have shown in New York, Connecticut, and Detroit, where many of her paintings reside in private collections.

Jodi Leib’s artistic style is bold, colorful, raw, and edgy.  She explores themes related to sexuality, war, relationships, harmony, violence, and music.  Her brush strokes are broad and varied, sometimes using fine lines and geometrical shapes and other times liberally painting through improvisation.

She joins GLAAD OUTAuction on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street in NYC from 5:00-9:30pm.  Proceeds from the art exhibition auction will benefit GLAAD. The event is hosted by Jill Zarin, star of Real Housewives NYC.

Jodi Leib’s photograph Flow Iris Calla Lily was included in the GLAAD OUTAuction 2007 and was purchased into The Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation.  Her work has shown in exhibitions for Iraq Moratorium, AdCraft Club of Detroit, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, and in Southampton’s Bego Ezair gallery.  Her short films, Woman’s Solitude and Red Love Redemption, have shown at film festivals and screenings including the Laemmle Theaters, Wine Country Film Festival, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and the Screen Actors Guild.  Her current project Monday’s Child is a dramatic feature film about reproductive healthcare.

For more information, please visit or contact Jodi at Wood Gallery Films 248.872.1101.

Jodi Leib

Born 1972 in Detroit, Michigan
1994  B.A.  University of Michigan, Film & Video Studies
2010  M.A.  Lesley University, Drama Therapy & Psychology Theory

GROUP SHOWS (Multimedia)
1997         Wine Country Film Festival, Woman’s Solitude (California)

1998        New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (NYC)

1999        AdCraft Club of Detroit (Michigan)

2001-2005    Talk It Out with Jodi Leib (Los Angeles)

2005        Love is Mystical (Music recording)

2006      On the Lot, FOX reality series, Red Love Redemption (Online)

2007        GLAAD OUTAuction (NYC)
“Flow Iris Calla Lily”, digital photograph

2009         Iraq Moratorium (Connecticut)
“American Hope,” flag painting

2010      Screen Actors Guild, Woman’s Solitude (NYC)

2010    “New Faces” honoring Dorothy Blau (Southampton, NY)

American Recovery
by Jodi Leib
oil on canvas, 36 x 48, 2010