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Parameter of Fashion: Fall/Winter Collections & TALENT Interview

By November 10, 2010December 7th, 2010No Comments5 min read

By Saira Toppin

Fall Fashion is in full bloom. Thus far, we have experienced 80 degree temperature, tornado-like weather, and even hail. However, winter will roll around before we know it. But, while we still have time, boost up your closet with some hip clothing by Sine.

Laila, a feature line of Sine, has an inspiring collection of dresses that look better than what I have seen in a while. They are perfect for multiple events including cocktail parties, dinners, auctions, etc. The dark dresses work best for evening events, which makes at least one Laila dress an essential part of any Women’s Mafia reader’s closet. These dresses make you look hot and chic, yet classy, announcing that you know exactly what you want.

Sine, on the other hand, has more daily, ready to wear pieces. The collection is quite extensive and features a lot of texture, incorporates blending, and does a good job of playing up the common color, Black, of the busy New Yorker. Black is a flexible color and we see its versatility in this collection. There is a lot of ruffling, scrunching, and rippling, while colors splash across a blouse to show off designer, Micaela Ezra’s blending technique. If getting dressed in the morning is an issue, then you need to find your way to a Sine piece immediately. They make leather pants and skirts look oh so cool!!

Parameter, the line that was created to rejuvenate and take the company to another level will have you feeling and looking comfy and warm this fall/winter season. This cozy collection is great for our young readers who like to be bold, different, and seen. The line has a spunky feel without the grungy, dirty appeal. You will be a funky trendsetter. When wearing Parameter, you have to team up your outfit with a fantastic pair of shoes including combat boots and suede booties. It will, indeed, highlight your clothing.

As always, we here at Women’s Mafia want you to get a firsthand look at the fashion and get to know the designer behind the scene. Check out this interview with Micaela Ezra, designer at Sine. And find the coupon code below.

Women’s Mafia: First things first, the collections all look great and that is my honest opinion!!

Micaela Ezra and Maytal Sharifi Creative Director

Micaela Ezra: Thank you very much!

WM: How does this work? Have you designed all three lines?

ME: Yes, I am the designer for Sine (our anchor contemporary collection), Laila (evening wear gowns and cocktail dresses) and Parameter (a diffusion sportswear line).

WM: All three lines speak for themselves. Laila with great dresses for any event, Sine with its versatile pieces, and Parameter for the snazzy girl who speaks out loud. What helps you keep them all separate?

ME: Ultimately the three collections will appeal to the same woman–someone feminine, expressive, and spirited. Her choice between them will simply depend on the occasion she is dressing for. We differentiate the brands according to functionality, but I use the same approach to color and print with all of them, and there is an obvious synchronicity that results.

WM: How amazing will the Spring/Summer 2011 collection be? Give us a taste.

ME: We are very excited about the Sine Spring collection! There is a beautiful balance between ultra feminine dresses and skirts with more nonchalant soft jackets and blouses. For color there is a contrast between neon brights and more mellow neutral tones. We have a very unique approach to print–using it to evoke a strong mood. This season I have created digital placement prints on dresses and blouses from my hand drawing–they are very suggestive of butterfly skeletons and completely unique. We can’t wait to see them all on our customers!

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia do for Laila, Sine and Parameter?
ME: We would love Women’s Mafia to keep talking and writing about our collections! Ultimately we are making clothes in order to make a woman feel incredible when she gets dressed. We are very passionate about what we do and hope to share our product with your audience. Our loyal bloggers have created an incredible group of fans who we’re really grateful for.

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