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Fashion & Style Highlight: Sorelle Firenze

By January 30, 2011No Comments3 min read

By Saira Toppin

Sorelle Firenze…the name may sound familiar if you were once a fashion mishap, looking to revamp your style, or just wanted to be dressed by the finest sisters in New York City. Barbara and Monica Abbatemaggio have been mavens in the fashion field for over ten years. In 1997 the sisters opened a shop in Tribeca and afforded their Italian sensibility to any woman who desired to be fabulous. The popular boutique provided scores of women with chic, eclectic fashions designed by the sisters and emerging brands like Florence favorites, Quelle Tre, Patafisic and Gorilla. As the years went by, Barbara and Monica made a great name for themselves and in 2005, home styling and event staging were added to their repertoire.

As things quickly began moving forward, the women decided to make a bold move. Inspired by the direction and success of the business, the sisters closed their shop in 2005. They wanted to focus primarily on personal styling and their maternal instincts by raising their young children. They wished to own and operate a fashion boutique in New York City ever since they came to America. That dream came true, plus more. But, they felt that they needed to stick to what they did best and focus on styling consultations and closet organization.

Clients flock to Barbara and Monica for their eye for great coordination and perfect presentation. They work their magic through a four step process. First, they assess their client’s closet by removing everything, sorting what should be donated to charity; highlighting the importance of body type, and keying in on undergarments. Next, they make over the closet and arrange items by color or category. Third, they create a shopping list and replace what was taken away and add more pieces. Lastly, the Abbatemaggio sisters put together outfits for different settings. That doesn’t sound too difficult right? The hard part will most likely be receiving criticism on clothing you thought were great.

Barbara and Monica style celebrities, socialites, and top executives. They are expanding their client base and are able to help everyone who desires their expertise, of course, if their schedule permits. Their usual clients are women ages 25-60 with full social calendars and men also. If you need a great way to start off 2011, seek the knowledgeable and gifted Sisters of Florence. Use them to your advantage and re-energize your wardrobe today. Visit for more information. They design wedding dresses too!