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February 8th: Women’s Mafia Pre-Fashion Week Beauty & Pampering Event

By January 30, 2011January 31st, 2011No Comments3 min read

I am thrilled to announce: The Women’s Mafia Pre-Fashion Week Beauty & Pampering Event.
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 from 4-8pm

The event is hosted by Lora Condon, celebrity Makeup Artist, Certified Esthetician, Consumer Advocate and Author of “Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry.” “Spa Wars” brings together the funniest true stories and the professional insight gleamed from over 15 years in the Spa and Beauty industry. Irreverent, insightful, hilarious and actionable, “Spa Wars” is an invaluable tome for beauty junkies and wellness purists alike. Known as the “Lash Dr.” for her custom Xtreme Lash Extensions, Lora is a three time winner of National “Spa Week” Awards and will be offering complimentary Glam Lash Extensions for accredited press.

Co-Hosted by Downtime Massage & Skincare and Level Naturals
698 Tenth Avenue, at 49th Street. New York, NY 10019
For Appointments Call (212) 586-2968
Email to RSVP

Submit Press Accreditation to receive 2 complimentary treatments while space permits.

Glam Lash Extensions by “The Lash Dr.”
Lora Condon, Esthetician, Makeup Artist & Author of “Spa Wars”

As a professional makeup artist, esthetician for film, television and celebrities,
Lora’s work has appeared in publications such as, Ladies Home Journal and
The New York Times and on television in spots for Good Morning America,
The View, Larry King, CNN, Fox News and ESPN.
$35…….….                                                      30 min
Glam Lash Extensions will last for approximately 3 weeks and provide a
glamorous eyelash look without mascara or eye makeup.

Body Sugaring/Hair Removal Treatments
Katie Marks, Senior Massage Therapist

Body sugaring is a hair removal technique that dates back to Egypt circa 1900 BC.  It will help you achieve the ultimate in smooth, soft, beautiful skin, and it’s 100% natural, to boot!  Katie is Downtime’s female authority on body sugaring.  She’ll make you smooth all over!

$25…………                                                    15 min

For more information on body sugaring and home care, click here.  For body sugaring myths and facts, as well as a side-by-side comparison of sugar versus wax, click here.

Laser Facial Treatments
Gary Dickman, Laser Director, Licensed Esthetician

Laser Vantage is a staple of skincare. It is a multi-purpose, all season, all skin type solution for overall skin health. The laser’s advanced science both plumps and rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful, firmer appearance.

Genesis Treatment

$25…………                                                    10 min

Our Laser Genesis treatment is a preventative and corrective treatment which kick starts collagen and elastin production, resulting in diminished fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s the red carpet of laser facials!

Capillary Treatment

$25…………                                                    15 min

Safely erase capillaries with this treatment. Return to your day looking radiant and glowing!

Massage Treatments
Gregory Cartwright, Proprietor, LE, LMT

It’s about time you pampered yourself with a relaxing massage! Downtime’s founder
and wellness guru extraordinaire, Gregory Cartwright, will help melt away your stress using 100% vegan Level Naturals products.

Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

$15…………                                                    15min

Warm and energize your sore back, neck, and shoulder muscles with Level Naturals Eucalyptus Lime Massage Cream.

Foot Treatment

$15…………                                                    15min

First, stimulate and awaken your feet with Level Naturals Peppermint Body Polish.  Next, benefit from the antiseptic qualities of Level Naturals Lime Massage Cream, as we loosen, warm, and energize your muscles.  To finish, soften and soothe your feet with Level Naturals Lavender Chamomile Body Lotion.