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TALENT: Profile of Energy Healer Jakhi Ronald

By June 11, 2009September 27th, 2009No Comments3 min read


All is well. It is going to be okay. Calm down. My very talented energy healer, Jakhi Ronald, is now accepting new clients.

“What,” you say, “what on earth is energy work?” Well, I asked her that very same question as it was hard for me to describe. I tell anyone and everyone who will listen about how great her work is (and also that of my friends who do Reiki work).

Long story short, you will make an appointment with Jakhi and be pleasantly surprised about how much time she is allotting for you and for such a reasonable price, and then you will go to her office and talk about what ails you and then lie on a massage table and have a very non-invasive, yet very effective treatment. No mysterious herbs or anything dubious.

Here’s the Women’s Mafia Q&A with Jakhi Ronald:

WM: What is Energy Work?
JR: Energetic healing supports traditional medicine. It can offer support with long-term and short-term illnesses, recurring aliments, as well as emotional blocks and spiritual problems. An energetic healer holds a gentle space for their client to examine challenges they face on their healing journey, thus allowing them to learn the lessons they need to move on.

WM: When did you think that you might be good at this line of work? Is there anything in your past or heritage that helped you?
JR: I feel I was born to do this work! I am extremely empathetic, and I love surprises which this work is always full of. Since I was a little kid I could feel the pain of others and now I know what I can do with that. I can help them.
In my past I have confronted my own illnesses, defeatist beliefs, and spiritual/emotional blocks. I could not lead someone else through their “fire” without first confronting my own. In my heritage is a long line of empaths mixed in with some natural born healers. They all led the way for me!

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?
JR: Clients, clients, clients! I want more clients. Yes it is my business but I also enjoy helping others and the surprises that show up in session. Secondly, having a forum to speak about this work is exciting. Not many people know that such a modality exists, and that it can offer such support.

WM: How do you manage your own energy to provide healing to others? What can we do at home to have more balanced energy?
JR: My clients are very high on my list of priorities, as they share with me some of their most challenging life situations and their most delicate hurts. To ready myself to receive them I too receive healings, I practice core energetic therapy, and I have fun! Life is to be lived and trusted…

Therefore the best thing I can tell someone else about having more balanced energy is to take the time to hear yourself and trust what you hear. All the answers lie in trusting yourself and the process of life. Have fun!!!

WM: Are there any places in New York that you think intrinsically have great energy and keep you coming back?
JR: It may sound strange but the museums in NYC bring me a great deal of comfort and joy. The artifacts, paintings, sculptures – they all give to me in a way that words can’t. They nourish on a different level. They also remind me that my energy work may seem new right now, but is actually very ancient.

WM: Lastly, anything very funny or awe inspiring ever happen in a session?
JR: I can’t find one singular event, but I am endlessly awed by the Universe’s desire to support human beings in their lives and dreams. My clients too, impress me all the time, with their courage to take an honest look at themselves.

Call 646.286.5136 to make an appointment with Jakhi today.