The New Feel Good: Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Beauty Shopping & Acquisitions Talent

By Saira Toppin

Make-up companies promise you flawless skin. They advertise about their quality ingredients, the beauty within that their product will bring to the surface and everything else in the book to get you to purchase their goods. We have all heard, seen, and read these advertisements. I had the opportunity to see about one specific brand for myself. This brand is FSL Cosmetics, a new all-natural line created by Chemical Engineer, Kimberly Riley. FSL wants you to “Feel Good. Smell Good. Look Good.”

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Glam Gloves and Scarves

Fashion Shopping & Acquisitions

by Sonja Leix

Elyse Allen White Lace Gloves
Elyse Allen White Lace Gloves
Even though winter holds back as long as possible it seems, it’s time to shop for new gloves, hats and scarves as Fall slowly fades and Winter arrives. I sometimes found it difficult to find winter accessories that were both warm and fashionable until I met the passionate New York knitwear designer Elyse Allen last summer. She creates gorgeous knitted accessories for men and women with luxurious materials such as cashmere and fine merino wool. Embellished with Swarovski crystals and metal rhinestones her collection really glams up your winter outfit and is the perfect Christmas gift.

Her label Elyse Allen Textiles presents a new collection with different color combinations each season. Elyse only works with the finest materials and even blends yarn to create new unique palettes that activates and gives depth to the surfaces she creates. For people who prefer neutral over loud colors like me, she makes a wide range of black, grey and taupe colored studded and laced gloves and scarves that look both elegant and glamorous.

My personal favorites are the Fingerless Gloves which come in three different lengths: short, medium and long. Fascinating are the different pattern and embellishment that make each pair so unique and beautiful that you will want to wear them indoor and out. This season a line of merino ‘glovettes’ are exclusively available at Eileen Fisher stores and website.

Elyse Allen Merino Cropped Fingerless Gloves
Merino Cropped and Cosmos Fingerless Gloves
Photo: Cathy Carver

Her masterpiece wide cashmere studded scarves with metal rhinestones are simply amazing and come in many different colors that will flatter your eye and skin color. Worn over a beautiful dress the elegant accessory will be the eye catcher for an evening event or your New Years party.

Check out her collection at her UPCOMING SHOW IN NEW YORK on Dec 10-13th at the ‘One of a Kind Show’ located at Pier 94.

Cashmere Studded Scarves
Cashmere Studded Scarves

Visit for more information on the label and to get these must-have knitted accessories.

“Here, Kitty” Rupert Sanderson Winona Leopard-Print Pumps

Fashion Shopping & Acquisitions

by Rick Weaver

Whether lurking in Gotham’s concrete jungles or prowling the paths of Washington’s untamed corridors, get pursued like precious prey in these leopard-print Winona pumps by British designer Rupert Sanderson.

Or, so you say you’ve already been captured? And you are all dressed up for a Friday night out with the girls in these leopard wears. Ok, Ms. Cat Woman. Be prepared to be more than fashionably tardy for the party when your Big Game Hunter lays a trap between you and the door.

You’ve been warned…

Rupert Sanderson Winona Leopard-Print Pumps

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves

Beauty Shopping & Acquisitions

Throughout the year everyone seems to have their favorite beauty products that they simply can’t live without. But with all the heat, trips to the beach, and chlorine from dips in the pool, summer brings an entirely new beauty agenda. Here’s FashionIndie’s picks for your summer beauty must haves!

1. Sunscreen

FashionIndie’s Pick: Almay Smart Shade Makeup


The new Almay Smart Shade Makeup is a foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all in one. With a variety of shades to fit your skin tone, the product comes with SPF 15 and goes for $14.

2. Chapstick & Lipgloss

FashionIndie’s Pick: Palmer’s CoaCoa Butter Chapstick

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photo

Cocoa Butter may look like a gluestick but I can never leave the house without it. Trust me, get the chapstick and it will be an instant addiction. The Palmer’s product goes for about $4.

3. On-The-Go Razor

FashionIndie’s Pick: Diva by Shavemate

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoThe second I saw this I was instantly fascinated. The 6-blade, $10 pack of 3 razors comes with shaving cream inside of the handle. Put one of these in your makeup case, press and shave and your good to go!

4. Anti-Friz Hair Product

FashionIndie’s Pick: Belegenza SpotLite Shine

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoBelegenza’s SpotLite Shine eliminates fly aways and softens your hair’s ends almost instantly. The $18 product works fast to eliminate frizz on those hot summer days.

5. Water Proof Mascara

FashionIndie’s Pick: BADGal Lash

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoBefore you run to the beach or hop in the pool, be sure to grab BADGal Waterproof Mascara. BADGal will transform your lashes and keep them that way for just $19.

6. Pedicure Kit

FashionIndie’s Pick: Pedispa

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photo

Sometimes your just too busy to sit down for a full pedicure at the nail salon, but you need to keep up that foot care. Pedispa is an at-home pedicure kit that keeps your feet in top-knotch condition for $24.99.

7. Nail Strengthener

FashionIndie’s Pick: Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photo

If you ever get tips, sometimes your nails get in poor condition. Apply Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength instant nail hardener for $5 to strengthen nails and keep them in healthy condition.

8. Hair Repair

FashionIndie’s Pick: Belegenza RoMANce Deep Conditioning

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoOften from all those trips to the beach and pool during the summer, people get dried out hair. To reverse the poor effects on your hair from your fun in the sun get RoMANce from Belegenza for a deep conditioning experience at $28.

9. Absorbing Sheets

FashionIndie’s Pick: Boscia Vanilla Blotting Linens

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoBoscia Vanilla Blotting Linens are perfect for those hot summer days. Unfortunately in all the heat your face gets some unwanted shine; slip the $10 sheets in your bag and you’ll be good to go!

10. Cuticle Oil

FashionIndie’s Pick: O.P.I. Avoplex

THE TEN: Summer Beauty Must Haves photoO.P.I. Avoplex nail and cuticle oil for $10 keeps your nails and cuticles from getting dried out throughout your busy week. Just apply a bit of the oil to dry cuticles or rough skin and you’ll have instant moisture.

Eco-Trendsetting: Bid Now to Win An Exclusive Debut Pair of reco® jeans!

Fashion Shopping & Acquisitions

We all love a scoop, and so in the spirit of the Women’s Mafia members being the first to hear about exciting retail opportunities I wanted to let you know about a very exciting offer. This week through July 18th you can bid (any amount you like!) and have a chance at winning one of the first 300 pairs of reco® jeans!

You may remember reco® jeans from the Women’s Mafia Fashion Show in May – I fell in love with their slim and playfull fits for the ladies (and also with how they looked on the male models too… ahem).  Even better, as I’ve learned about reco® jeans I can attest that they are a recycled-denim jeanswear company, poised to bring integrity to the Eco-denim industry with the highest percentage of recycled denim in the industry (300% more than competitors).

4908 lowres
Using a “Dutch Auction” style bidding system, running 6/21 – 7/18, consumers will bid for the first 300 pairs of reco® jeans, which will be sold in limited edition Box sets, featuring a pair of reco® jeans, a reco® iPod case, and a certificate of authenticity! The 300 winning bidders will win the Box Sets of eco-friendly jeans and all the public’s bids will be taken into account as reco® jeans finalizes their pricing.


The next anticipation is the PRICE! What is the price?! Well, YOU get to decide! How much are reco® jeans worth to you? We have devised an auction style promotion for you to determine what the price of the first pairs of recycled denim jeans should be. There are three things to consider when calculating a fair price for a premium jean.

1. Aspects & details of what it takes to make a reco® jean.
2. Competitor’s pricing.
3. Personal brand value of quality products, company beliefs, and fashion trends.

How it works:

* Dutch Auction style – without the “asking price”
* Submit the bid (price) you are willing to spend for your very own reco jeans
* Bids are collected and compared for 300 winners that falls in the average of highest and lowest.
* All bids are based on single pair of reco® jean

ONLY 300 pairs of select styles!

* The bidding commences 6/21 – 7/18.
:::This bid is an initial interest in participation and no payment is due during this time.
:::You may bid more than once, but your most recent bid will replace the previous bid.
* Confirmation of purchases will start 7/27 and lucky winners will receive delivery information!
Good Luck!

>> Bid Here

About reco® jeans:
Reco® jeans is an innovative new line of recycled denim jeanswear, with Woody Harrelson and Alanis Morissette as celebrity partners. Cutting-edge in the industry, reco® jeans is a super-soft and strong denim line made with the highest percentage of recycled denim fibers in the industry (much so-called “recycled” denim actually has only 1-3% recycled fibers) and produced with almost 60% less factory waste. Reco® jeans is changing the denim industry by proving that much more is possible in the field of eco-friendly denim, however it’s the hip cuts and savvy styles that are winning friends and influencing people.

Akawalle Jewelry: Exquisite Jewelry, Handcrafted from Bullets

Design Fashion

by Saira Toppin

Find Your Confidence

Growing up in a refugee camp is not typically part of the life story of an internationally recognized jewelry designer. Akawelle is an edgy and beautiful jewelry line created by Lovetta Conto, a Liberian refugee who fled to Ghana during a period of war and strife. The line features a double pendant, made from bullet shells, placed on chains of various lengths and materials.

Lovetta started this necklace company as a project for her Strongheart Fellowship The idea of using used bullets is to show that beauty can be found in anything. One of the pendants is the bottom of a shell casing repurposed as a bead and the accompanying leaf, made from melted bullet casings, is inscribed with the word “Life”.

The word “Life” was chosen because it reminds Lovetta that new life can begin after hardship. This is a healthy mantra to live by. Even with the current recession causing difficulty in the lives of many Americans and other people throughout the world, we can all be assured that the end is not near. Take a look at the Akawelle line of necklaces at and purchase your piece of confidence towards new beginnings. All proceeds go to Lovetta’s future and the creation of the first Strongheart House.


Serving my country and shopping – all in a day’s work!

Fashion Shopping & Acquisitions

I have the distinct pleasure of serving Jury Duty today. There are two crazy things about today – one is that there is apparently no crime, or no prosecutable crime, in Manhattan this week as there are no trials as of yet. I would be quite bored, but the other crazy, and cool, thing is that my friend Saranna Biel-Cohen, a fellow YPCC member, ( is also serving!

We both agreed that today affords us a good opportunity to shop online and blow that $40 that we are supposedly going to get for our civic duty. I look at it as another kind of economic stimulus opportunity.

I got to finally check out designer Laura E. Dotolo’s website for her subtle, elegant go-anywhere line of handbags. I met Laura at the gym (The same day Clive Owen was working out there! But that’s another story…) and immediately liked her warm, yet-strong personality. I’m psyched to report that her bags are GORGEOUS! This one below is my favorite. It has just the right balance of hardware and simplicity.

The Mail Bag by Clutch
The Mail Bag by Clutch