Marcy Speaking at PITCH: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PR But Were Too Afraid To Ask

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Hi Darlings! I’m speaking on a panel about PR.

You’re Invited

Tuesday, June 16 at 9:30 a.m.

Join us on Tuesday, June 16 for our next Pitch! Women’s Networking event. We are hosting a breakfast meeting starting promptly at 9:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at 175 Varick Street on the 3rd Floor in Conference Room C. Please note this is a new room.

This Month’s Topic: Public Relations Questions and Answers
Ask everything you ever wanted to know about PR with Marcy Clark from Marcy Clark PR. Moderated by Rebecca Shine of NY Shine, Marcy will share insights on tackling public relations in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

We request a $15 reservation fee to help cover expenses and to ensure proper space accommodations. Due to limited seating, please reserve your space now at

To enter the building, please use the side WeWork entrance on Charlton between Varick and Hudson. Once inside, go up the steps to see the receptionist. We will be in Conference Room 3C. If you have trouble, please call Lisa Josephsen at 917.414.5480.

Please bring business cards to share with 15 people.

Cool New App for Actors, Models & Musicians: Check out the SURT Mobile Audition App

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Amongst the nearly 93 billion, free, mobile applications available worldwide, SURT, is a one-of-a-kind app that connects performing artists across a plethora of industries directly to opportunities within the entertainment industry. And it let’s these artists connect with decision makers with private, virtual auditions.

Currently, the SURT app offers a dynamic forum for performance artists in the categories of vocalists, rap artists, instrumentalists, singer/songwriters, dancers, actors, comedians and models, SURT provides a unique approach for talent and talent management professionals to connect and audition “virtually”.

Have you ever have the experience of trying to hold a business meeting or audition over Skype or Google Hangout and the call keeps dropping or one party’s connection is very fuzzy? SURT assures me that they have a US patent pending streaming technology that produces videos with the same quality across a variety of standard mobile operating systems, which makes any video audition uploaded to SURT accessible to all smartphone users!

Aspiring artists who upload auditions to the SURT mobile, audition application can also create and manage a free profile within their video uploads for review by both the public and entertainment management entities; have their talent profiles and uploads link to personal social media pages and participate in a professional, sharing space where they are able to receive feedback and tips on their performances from their peers, the public and seasoned audition hosts.

SURT has recently been a featured application on the homepage of Google Play and is also available for download on iTunes. Interested host entities can sign up to create an audition at and are eligible for a free 30 day trial until the end of 2015.

Shopping Just Got Fun Again – Meet The WantList, like Tinder for Shopping, but waaay better than Tinder!

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Have you ever felt like all the “hard work” you put in browsing through endless garment options on your phone was wasted when you went home and had to search all over again on your laptop? (#FirstWorldProblems)

The WantList, just launched by trendy UK-based fashion discovery engine Styloko, is the first App to combine Dating-App inspired game play, true Visual Search technology, and an especially helpful “Luxe or Less” function. It works seamlessly across all iOS devices – even the Apple Watch! – and laptops & desktops, so that shopping can be as time-saving, money-saving and FUN as possible. (See exclusive video!)

With intuitive matchmaking technology that will make all your dating apps jealous, The WantList actually learns what colors, cuts, sizes, patterns and brands you like through it’s game-changing visual search capabilities. When you “swipe right” on a coveted garment the App can show you a plethora of “Luxe or Less” options, while learning even more about what fashion choices truly turn you on. The App also lets you know when a “WantList” item goes on sale!

Another really exciting aspect of The WantList App is that is allows you to ‘pick up where you left off’ on your shopping journey across all your iOS devices – meaning that if you start swiping right on your iPhone in the morning at a coffee shop, and continue on your Apple Watch at lunch, you can come back to your discoveries later that night on your laptop. We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect dress for an event, or the exact pair of jeans in your perfect wash and fit, and this helps to make sure you don’t lose your mobile style finds.

With a few quick swipes left or right the app begins to analyze your tastes and preferences and immediately personalizes your experience. The WantList features a “See Visually Similar” option with super cutting-edge visual search technology to help customers find similar designs. With one tap on the ingenious Luxe or Less feature, the app shows both higher and lower priced alternatives. As one person’s luxe is another person’s less, the automated process puts the user in control.

The app is free and will be available from 4th June 2015 worldwide for the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Android will follow Summer 2015.

getgeeked NY: Are You In Touch With Your Inner Geek?

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Are you in touch with your inner Geek?

Do you love sleek, innovative life-enhancing tech? Women’s Mafia members are invited to circle their calendars for getgeeked NY on Thursday Oct. 16th, a brand new, innovative technology demo event that lets you try out the latest gadgets, apps and services before they are in stores. Guests will enjoy exhibits and demos from major brands like Sharp, Lenovo, Samsung Memory, Sling, TiVo, and Western Digital. We also will showcase the hottest startups like Bayan Audio, Karma, Magisto, Martian Watches, Openfolio and others. Thursday October 16th, with press exclusive hours from 4-7, and open to the public – free – from 7 to 10pm.

Metropolitan West – 639 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036. RSVP and get more info at

A Cross-Country Trek for Love: Scott Gralnick Takes Dating Way Outside the Box

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By Marcy Clark, with additional reporting by Lauren Garroni

Can you think of the last time you did something romantic for the one you loved? That long huh? In the age of Facebook, Skype, texting, and it has never been easier to have a relationship, but with all these digital interventions something has been lost in translation. A virtual teddy bear gifted via Facebook doesn’t hold the same romantic weight as its analogue counterpart. Scott Gralnick, author of How to Get a Girl in a 1995 Corolla, has taken note of culture’s shifting romantic priorities. When Gralnick wrote the book How to Get a Girl…, a reference to his ability to pick up women despite his lackluster vehicle, two years ago he was single and on the prowl. He parlayed his talent with the fairer sex into a guidebook that taught men how to meet women in a tactful yet creative way. But today Gralnick is a changed man, he’s found what we’re all searching for – Love. There is one caveat, because of his charm book past she isn’t sure if she should date him…that and she lives across the country. What is a determined boy in love to do? Walk across the country to prove his love – of course. This is Dating Outside The Box.

Women’s Mafia: What qualities does this woman have that she has bewitched you soo that you are going to walk across the country to win her?
Scott Gralnick: Her compassion for the human race and wanting to help others. The love for her family. She has taken a step back from life and has learned a lot and keeps learning. She has a smile that can bring peace to anyone. Truth is her ally. She drives me to be a better person. I can get lost in her eyes. After I talk to her I have a feeling of fullness, but the fullness I feel is the essence she is. (I could go on for ever)

WM: Where did you get the idea for your trans-continental marathon stroll? Do you know of anyone who has attempted this mission and lived to tell the tale?

SG: My idea lies deep within my soul. I may not be the wealthiest man, but I am the most resourceful you’ll meet! If I cant fly there, id drive, if I cant drive Id bus, but i think most or any man can take those transportation to one they dream of. I want to show that We can over come anything, I am willing to put my soul and mind and all I am to get to her. The idea came to me with conviction and I knew I had to do it, wether or not I win her over I have to get the “WHAT IF” out of my head.. SEIZE THE DAY, well, this is my day and soon ours, I hope!  At the same time I want to show everyone who will joint that some times no matter what you have to take that leep and not fear.. Dating outside the box, Living outside the box and most of all live with passion outside the box!

I don’t know anyone who has done what I am going to do. But I look forward to bring out the hopeless romantics in the world and showing them not to be afraid.

WM: “Dating Outside the Box” is a mission, a slogan and a way of life for you, are you hoping to inspire others with your quest to go all out for love?

SG: Outside The Box is a world of its own, and yes, if this action brings about a whirl of love and thought of loving actions for good, then Dating Outside The Box has done good. I am merely a man, a man who is filled with much compassion, which I need to let out. And for the first time someone has hit a deep inner core with me and in that moment I knew I had to walk and share with the world, DATING OUTSIDE THE BOX and what we stand for.

WM: How can adventurous people, without your impressive stamina and free schedule, break out of normal, boring dating box? Will your new business plan help them in a meaningful way? What’s different about DOTB.TV?

SG: DOTB.TV will bring about world peace one date at a time. People who hate the initial time if investment into online dating will love our site and mobile app. We bring online dating offline for real human interaction. I don’t want to get into all the boring tech talk but through us you’ll get a date quick and have tons of fun doing it. Continue reading

TALENT Q&A: Karen Amster-Young, co-founder of

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By Carlos Aparicio

Our good friend and fellow Public Relations pro Karen Amster-Young has teamed up with educator Pam Godwin on an exciting journey leaving their comfort zones and exploring new things, facing fears and trying to get unstuck. They are also exploring new sides of the city they have known and lived in for so long.

Their fun experiences are recounted on their blog, The 52 Weeks. Keeping their audience entertained with witty, amusing and sometimes just genuine stories, the concept behind the blog is the importance of switching things up and putting yourself in new situations as a way of growth and learning, or simply to keep that “spark” alive in your life, the type of rush you get by trying interesting, recreational and sometimes ridiculous activities. Sometimes they just face fears or try to take even a baby step toward a bigger goal. They do this by setting weekly goals for themselves for one year; the goals being things they have never tried before or that are unusual, and they range from test driving sports cars to simply nurturing their relationships by taking a carriage ride in Central Park, for example.

WM: What’s the story behind the concept of the site?

KAY: Pam and I were out having drinks one night and talking about feeling a bit “stuck”.  We wanted to shake things up a bit and do new things, rediscover childhood passions or face fears.  So was conceived that night. In fact, our tag line is three drinks, two friends, one year!
WM: What has been the most challenging experience so far in the list of The 52 Weeks activities?

KAY: It is not so much what we are doing but rather sticking to our promise to ourselves and each other to take even a little step each week towards one of our goals or things on our respective lists.   I have done everything from trying boxing, cleaning up my local park, taking a nude drawing class and committing to eating blueberries more often!  
WM: What plans do you have for the future of The 52 Weeks as a growing project?

KAY: The feedback from our readers and even the media has been encouraging and it seems like we are resonating with a lot of people — particularly women. Everyone has a “list” of things they want to do or change and we are inspiring and motivating people to get moving again and hopefully helping them to get a bit “unstuck”.   There is a book in progress, speaking engagements and hopefully a lot of inspiration to help others face their fears, learn new things and just get going again.

WM: Can your readers make suggestions of things to try out?
KAY: Absolutely!  They can e-mail us via the blog.

WM: Any exclusive sneak peek about future adventures for Women’s Mafia readers?

KAY: We knew this was going to be challenging but we had no idea how challenging!  Life gets in the way sometimes of our weekly plans but we are forging ahead and are about half-way through our journey.  I think the most exciting thing for Women’s Mafia readers are our dreams about the possibilities including currently developing the concept for a 52weeks app for iPhones so that users can find local deals and ideas to try new things in their own city.  In terms of our own adventures? Who knows what to tell you! It’s just really about always trying and keeping our promise to ourselves and each other!

This Friday: Beat Zuckerberg and Raise Money for NYC Schools!

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Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, announced that he is  donating $100 Million to New Jersey schools.

On November 19th, 2010 THE JONATHANS will kick off the campaign with their joint birthday party at Good Units. All proceeds from the event will go to New York City Schools.


GALA – International Dance Pop Superstar
DJ VH1- Lady Gaga’s DJ
DJ NIKO – Popular Radio DJ and Personality

CHAPPO- Song Featured in new iPod commercial
SAADI – NYC electro indie pop
BLUEBRAIN – Electro Dance Pop Sensation
DJ JAKE B – (NYC/Good Fridays/Function)

THE STORY TELLERS – Lady Gaga’s Dance Troop


SQUIDBALL – Imagine Nintendo Wii played with no controler and 500 people.

Squidball 4 @ New York Tech meetup 11/2/2010 from GreenDot Project on Vimeo.

SHITTY ADVICE FOR A DOLLAR – How Bad is Your Advice? Find out from Sally Golan Star of “Shitty Advice for a Dollar” as you give people the worst advice possible. Laugh your ass off as you read and share peoples insane counseling in this interactive exhibit by Social Exposure Media.



Good Units: 353 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019

Friday Nov. 19th at 10pm – Saturday Nov. 20th at 4am.

RSVP to The event with free with a suggested donation and perks for VIP ticket holders.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet


By Elisha Dang

twitter35What is Twitter? To different people, it’s different things. When I asked friends around New York City to describe Twitter in one sentence, the answers I got were “I have no idea” or “I use it to update my status like I do on Facebook” or “It’s legalized stalking.” According to an article on Mashable, 69% of adults don’t know.

I decided it was time to embark on the journey into Twitter and learn. After using it, this is the best way for me to describe it. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that enables people to create, discover and exchange ideas with others about anything.

For 30 days I have been “tweeting” about topics ranging from Michael Jackson to industry news about Social Media. I’ve used my “tweets” for topics of interest to me and have developed a following of 160 people already. I’ve enjoyed following people like @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), @AndersonCooper and various technology posters like @mashable and @techcrunch.

With the explosion of Social Media in recent years with MySpace, Facebook and now Twitter, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next. The best thing about Twitter is that you can make it anything you want it to be. You control who you follow and what posts show up in your feed and believe me, there is plenty to pick from. Twitter recently launched a search feature on their homepage so you can find anything you want quickly.

Twitter is not that difficult to learn and I have included a list of common terms to help you get started. Enjoy Twitter and feel free to follow me @ElishaNYC!

Twitter Lingo
To receive messages on Twitter, you follow other people and companies you’re interested in—which means you get their messages as they post and conversely, people follow you and get your posts.

A message, post or update consisting of up to 140 characters including spaces and also referred to as “tweeting” or “twittering.”

When writing to someone directly simply start a message with @username of the person you want to reach and the message will appear directly in their feed if they are following you or in their mentions feed if not. An example would look like this: @ElishaNYC Thanks for posting about Twitter!

DM or Direct Messages
DMs are private messages that are sent between people that are following each and do not appear in either person’s public timeline.

RT or ReTweet
When cool messages or ideas appear in your feed from someone you are following, you can ReTweet it to share with your followers (AKA your Tweeps) and look like this “RT @Username: original message content and link”

Trending Topic
On the right side of the Twitter interface there is a list of trending topics. Everyday newsworthy stories get posted and the top topics are listed for quick linking to view all of the posts for a particular topic.

Hashtag (#)
A hashtag is used to add a post to a trending topic so all users looking for information or news on that topic can read all tweets going around Twitterverse about it. For example, if I want to post some interesting information about iPhones for all to read, it would look like this: “#Apple announces launch of new #iPhone today!” This would drop my tweet into the Apple thread and the iPhone thread.

Shortened URLs
140 characters per post is a lot easier to go through than you think. What do you do if you have a long link to share to a great story? You shorten it! There are loads of services out there that shorten URLs such as TinyURL!,, and TweetBurner