Shopping Just Got Fun Again – Meet The WantList, like Tinder for Shopping, but waaay better than Tinder!

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Have you ever felt like all the “hard work” you put in browsing through endless garment options on your phone was wasted when you went home and had to search all over again on your laptop? (#FirstWorldProblems)

The WantList, just launched by trendy UK-based fashion discovery engine Styloko, is the first App to combine Dating-App inspired game play, true Visual Search technology, and an especially helpful “Luxe or Less” function. It works seamlessly across all iOS devices – even the Apple Watch! – and laptops & desktops, so that shopping can be as time-saving, money-saving and FUN as possible. (See exclusive video!)

With intuitive matchmaking technology that will make all your dating apps jealous, The WantList actually learns what colors, cuts, sizes, patterns and brands you like through it’s game-changing visual search capabilities. When you “swipe right” on a coveted garment the App can show you a plethora of “Luxe or Less” options, while learning even more about what fashion choices truly turn you on. The App also lets you know when a “WantList” item goes on sale!

Another really exciting aspect of The WantList App is that is allows you to ‘pick up where you left off’ on your shopping journey across all your iOS devices – meaning that if you start swiping right on your iPhone in the morning at a coffee shop, and continue on your Apple Watch at lunch, you can come back to your discoveries later that night on your laptop. We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect dress for an event, or the exact pair of jeans in your perfect wash and fit, and this helps to make sure you don’t lose your mobile style finds.

With a few quick swipes left or right the app begins to analyze your tastes and preferences and immediately personalizes your experience. The WantList features a “See Visually Similar” option with super cutting-edge visual search technology to help customers find similar designs. With one tap on the ingenious Luxe or Less feature, the app shows both higher and lower priced alternatives. As one person’s luxe is another person’s less, the automated process puts the user in control.

The app is free and will be available from 4th June 2015 worldwide for the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Android will follow Summer 2015.

Coveting Now: Meet Harper Hallam

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My dear friend Olga introduced me to a really fun collection of statement fashion jewelry called Harper Hallam. With great texture and surface interest, and pieces that can suit every occasion, the line has gotten very popular, very quickly.

Rebecca Harper Hallam is the exclusive jewelry line designer and creative visionary behind HARPER HALLAM Designs. The Texas-based designer is influenced by her native Mexico and her brood consisting of husband, daughter and teenage twins. As an entrepreneur, mother and artist with 12 years of design experience, Rebecca collaborates with expert artisans on two continents to craft limited-edition jewelry collections for women just like her.

Currently, the jewelry is sold at Elaine Turner Boutiques throughout Texas, Tennessee and New York City or online at

Review: Tara Roscioli’s Meals 2 Glo 5 Day Cleanse

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by Marcy Clark
I had the immense privilege this January of trying Tara Roscioli’s fantastic Meals 2 Glo 5 day cleanse by her company Highway 2 Well. I was really impressed with the cleanse. How it works is that Tara drops off one or two days of meals at a time, in the most pretty pink insulated bags. I loved that it was real, whole, organic foods, instead of just juices. I have been vegetarian for almost 20 years, and grew up with a nutritionist mother, so I do know how to eat well, but anyone can get into a health rut when they are busy.  I was excited to try something new and focus a whole week on my health.

I felt that the Meals 2 Glo cleanse was really well thought-out and I learned a lot about my cravings and needs for food in the process. There were 3 meals and 2 snacks each day, meals and snacks were simple. Breakfast was sometimes Berry Overnight Oats, Pineapple Cucumber Mint Juice with a homemade Oat and fruit GLO bar, snacks included Baked Apples, Homemade Trailmix, Veggie Crudite with Hummus, Tara’s homemade Kale Chips, and Edamame with Pink Sea Salt. Lunches included the GLO-2 Kale Salad (one of my favorites!), Beet and Avocado Salad, Zucchini “Pasta” Pesto (so delicious!). Dinners might be Indian Lentil Stew, Sauteed Broccolini with Brown Rice, Sweet Potato Stew with Indian Spices and Chinese Stir Fried Quinoa with (really awesome). I learned that my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. And that I can get full on just a simple meal of vegetable stew, especially if I ate protein or fat earlier in the day. I was Vegan for a year, so this shouldn’t have surprised me – but it did!

Since the cleanse I am trying to keep up with having much less gluten and cheese especially. I get so busy and hadn’t realized how much they had become my go-to foods with some veggies or beans on the side. I also realized that even though I try to minimize sugar, I did get STRONG sugar cravings when I couldn’t have it in my morning chai tea or had to fight the urge to eat a piece of chocolate at night. It was also great to see that I could exercise and keep my energy levels up while cleansing, as a previous diet I had tried years ago I got whoozy when I went to the gym. Eating lots of smaller meals helped with that.
In the end I lost about 2 or 3 pounds on the cleanse, which is pretty awesome for 5 days, and I am keeping up with it now by having smaller meals and cooking more “real food” at home instead of ordering Seamlessweb.

I highly recommend a cleanse with Tara! She makes herself available to you for questions and advice and you can profoundly change your food habits in less than a week because the meals you eat are from real foods and you will be motivated to make better choices at the grocery store so that you can keep feeling awesome. Tara’s 5 day cleanse is $550 in New York City ($475 in the New Jersey areas of South Orange/Maplewood, Millburn/Short Hills and Summit).

We asked Tara a few more questions to learn more about the methods behind her super effective cleanse:

Women’s Mafia: What is your philosophy with the Meals 2 Glo cleanse? Why is it so effective at helping people lose weight?

Tara Roscioli: My philosophy in creating Meals 2 GLO was to show my clients how eating clean whole foods would allow them to lose excess weight, curb their sugar cravings and help to restore their energy. Gimmicks and fad diets simply aren’t necessary and while they may work in the short term, they simply aren’t sustainable. I created this anti-inflammatory program to help clients reduce toxicity in their body. The foods are easy to digest and allow the body to work overtime to reduce the sludge that has accumulated in their system due to poor eating habits. Clients have reported anywhere from a 3.5 to an 11 pound weight loss in just 5 days and while some of this is water, it certainly is a great jump start to a healthier way of eating. Clients have also reported less bloat or digestive upset, improved sleep, fewer cravings for sugar, more energy and even an improvement in their skin (less acne or eczema). The best part is that this is a very sustainable way to eat!
WM: How do you eat on a normal basis? Are you vegan, organic, sugar-free and gluten free? Can you share some of your go-to foods/meals?
TR: I am a vegetarian since the age of 14 though I do eat some fish. Other than that, I don’t really eliminate any foods from my diet but I do limit dairy as I am prone to sinus infections and find that the dairy contributes to my congestion. Sugar is my downfall…it has been since I was a kid. I noticed that if I can go a few days without sugar, I can get over the hump and I do feel much better without it.
WM: What aspects of the cleanse do participants usually have the hardest time sticking with? Any tips?
TR: The hardest thing for most clients to get over is that day 2-3 when they start to feel the effects of the detox. Usually it’s just a headache as the sugar leaves the system but on the more severe side is some nausea. But after those first days, their energy starts to soar. My suggestion is to flush with water and get a massage if time permits as it will work the toxins out of the system.
WM: What cravings / habits are most of your clients trying to break? What do you think makes the biggest difference in long term health and weight loss?
TR: Most of my clients want to lose a bit of weight and break the sugar/alcohol cycle. They are in high stress careers and they turn to sugar/alcohol as a way of combating the stress. I get it-as a former lawyer, I did the same thing. I wouldn’t make time to eat regularly so I was forced to resort to bags of pretzels and swedish fish from the law firm vending machine. After a long commute home, I wouldn’t have energy to eat so I’d poor a glass of wine. The stress interrupted my sleep so I would have a second glass of wine. Vicious cycle!
So, now you know Tara, and all about her amazing cleanse and company. Visit her website and get in touch with her to start your own journey to the next level of healthy, sleek, you!
Email Tara at or call 201.259.6976 to book right away. :-)

Art For Kashmir: Painting for a Cause

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This September Kashmir was flooded by the worst floods in over a century. The ancient city of Srinagar was submerged under water with 700,000 homeless. Art for Kashmir, hosted by Inspirality, will focus on raising funds for Kashmir flood victims, to help rebuild this ancient town.

$20 Suggested Donation & $20 for art supplies
Tuesday October 7th, 7-9:30pm at The DL, 95 Delancey Street at Ludlow
Donations Made To: and

Hosted by:
Inspirality by Kori Burkholder
Public Health Advocate Nadia Muzaffar
Marcy Clark and The Women’s Mafia
Savior Elmundo and Collage

RSVP to:

DJ JON QUICK, DJ Lex NY & Tahleim will be tearing up The DL Rooftop with a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, Afro Rhythm and more.

The Women’s Mafia Is Gathering at “Goddess On The Go!”

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Dear Goddess (YEAH I”M TALKING TO YOU!!)

Wouldn’t it be great if every women related to herself and one another like that! Well one day who knows, it could happen… On October 19th YOU will be related to as a goddess  (cause you were born that way!!) As women we are wired to give, give and give to others, but often put ourselves last on this list. You know what happens when we do this???? We get really angry and resentful and everyone feels our wrath (which sucks!).

Ok, lets flip that script!!! We don’t have to stay in that yucky corner. Come spend a day moving your sassy hips, receiving divine wisdom, and being worshiped by other women. Take away some serious new goddess tools that create ease and bliss in your life!

Women’s Mafia members exclusively can enter code WM for $10 off of a day-long Goddess On The Go retreat this October 19th. Will we get to see you there?

BUTI Yoga with Paige MacKenzie Welborn
What’s a BUTI Yoga class with Paige like? Oh, well it’s just a heart-pumping, badass-unleashing, feminine, sexy, body-slimming, calorie-scorching, mind-freeing workout. That’s all. ;) Most importantly though, it’s a sacred space for transformation and sisterhood. It’s a practice of releasing what no longer serves you and callingup the Goddess within you. We’ll be accessing your radiant Goddess self, and lighting you up with your own unique energy, creating peace of mind, radiance and confidence.
Paige is a dynamic and effervescent teacher who leads women into a state of empowered self-love and sexy badassery! Paige is the creator of Paige’s Bikini Body BUTI-Camp, a six-week program designed to empower women to unleash their bikini body AND their radiant spirit with a tribe of sisters.  From Paige: My personal mission is to be a rocking teacher who takes you on a joyful journey that transforms your body AND your spirit during class and that empowers you outside of class to live the life you were born to Love! My passion is empowering you to unleash the most radiant version of yourself. I believe in play, having an awesome time, the JOY of moving your body, the power of intention, and the power of a sisterhood tribe. Paige has been a teacher and student of dance and yoga for many years. Paige is the founder of BORN Wellness: Live the life that you were born to Love, and recently became one of three BUTI Yoga Master Trainers in the world.
Become Feng Shui Fierce with Katherine Royal MacKinnon
Kate M 7069_cropped
Your home is the first thing you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to bed. The energy that we hold in this space is important to manifest luscious love, our deepest dreams and desires. Together we will explore how feng shui can create clarity in all areas of our life and attract the things we truly want. Do you you want to know how to manifest love in your home, where your money corner is and how to nurture your health? At Goddess On The Go we will get Feng Shui fierce tips to learn just how to have this!
The Chinese Medicine Survival Guide with Roberta Mittman
KX2A1660-Edit-Edit copy-CROPPED
Five keys to looking and feeling fabulous — from the inside out! Join Roberta Mittman, licensed acupuncturist, health,  wellness success coach, author, and speaker, for an engaging, informative discussion of what you–as a woman in today’s turbo -paced world–can do to feel and look as healthy, trim, and vital as possible. You’ll come away with valuable information you can put to use today to optimize your health and wellbeing, including:
* How 5,000 year old Chinese Medicine can work to help you stay balanced and pain-free: yin, yang, and the Five Elements.
* How to avoid common, everyday mistakes that pack on unwanted pounds.
* Acupressure-to-go! Actual points you can use at home.
* The 4-letter PG-rated word that stops cravings in their tracks.
* How your mindset–what you’re thinking –may determine your results .
Join us for this  for this laser-focused discussion …
This ancient philosophy works to help you with your life balance, releasing extra pounds, relationships, and so much more.  In a private  session we may look at finding acupressure points on your own body to help ease challenges we find everyday.
Roberta firmly believes in the principles and methodology of her work, which is to offer you a range of treatments to help you become healthier now and in the future. Her goal is not only to relieve you of your illness and discomfort, but to work with you on a personalized plan for preventative care, and to empower you to be your own best healer.
Stop Feeling Guilty…… For Real (with Human Design Coach Molly Rider)
Molly Rider - Cut The Crap and Thrive!
Do you ever feel guilty for changing plans last minute?
Do you find yourself stuck in situations you wish you hadn’t said YES to?
Do you tend to blame yourself when things go wrong?  If only I’d…
Ladies, we all DESERVE freedom from guilt. We deserve pure pleasure, delight, happiness and contentment in ALL of our decisions and actions. Yet, the challenge is that we often feel weight down by obligation, worry or fear. People pleasing likes to play its trump card.  As a recovering people pleaser, I’d like to introduce you to a tool that helped change all of that for me.
The Tool: Your Human Design Chart. Your human design chart is meant to be a tool that brings you home to your essence. It shows you the wisdom in BOTH your strengths and your weaknesses. It teaches you how to make best decisions for yourself going forward and if you so choose, it trains you on how to extinguish the people pleasure guilt once and for all.
Join me in this interactive workshop where we’ll practice tapping into your wisdom, releasing your guilt and how to make decisions that lead to success for you. This is not a lecture. Whether you have your Human Design Chart or not, you’ll walk away having practiced the tools of Human Design to stop feeling guilty…for REAL!
Deliciously Wholesome by Ibetliza Frias Nourish your pleasure-loving palette with a healthy delicious lunch!!
What You Need To Know To Join the Party:
When: OCTOBER  19th 10:45a-5:30p
Where: Ramscale Studios 463 West St Penthouse NY NY 10014

How: CLICK below to register
Women’s Mafia exclusive Goddess On The Go discount code: WM

PS: Dress in Comfy Yoga like clothing and bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on.
PPS Please feel free to invite your girlfriends to come share the BLISS!

getgeeked NY: Are You In Touch With Your Inner Geek?

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Are you in touch with your inner Geek?

Do you love sleek, innovative life-enhancing tech? Women’s Mafia members are invited to circle their calendars for getgeeked NY on Thursday Oct. 16th, a brand new, innovative technology demo event that lets you try out the latest gadgets, apps and services before they are in stores. Guests will enjoy exhibits and demos from major brands like Sharp, Lenovo, Samsung Memory, Sling, TiVo, and Western Digital. We also will showcase the hottest startups like Bayan Audio, Karma, Magisto, Martian Watches, Openfolio and others. Thursday October 16th, with press exclusive hours from 4-7, and open to the public – free – from 7 to 10pm.

Metropolitan West – 639 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036. RSVP and get more info at

Every Foodie’s Perfect Day: The Foods of NY Original Greenwich Village Food Tour!

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Do you know what is the most fun you can have with your clothes on in New York City? Hint: it involves learning fun facts and fascinating history of the city we love… while sampling the perfect slice one moment and warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies the next moment and being invited into Murray’s Cheese private tasting room to top it off.

One glorious Saturday this September I had the opportunity to experience the Foods Of NY Original Greenwich Village Tour. I invited some Women’s Mafia insiders to join me and we had an unforgettable time strolling through the village, trying delicacies such as an authentic Italian Rice Ball while learning the history, culture and architecture of one of NYC’s favorite neighborhoods. I learned that FoodsOfNY created the Food Tour concept 15 years ago in New York and that founder Todd Lefkovic is considered the “Father” of the Food Tour industry, on the go dining experiences which can now can be found in many major US cities. They offer 6 other original food tours and experiences in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including a monthly private group cooking class with world renowned chef Raffaele of Rafele Ristorante. Enjoy my pictorial highlights below and book your tour at, your taste buds will thank you!

One of my all time favorite items of the tour? Rafele’s for their to-die-for eggplant Rollatini. We had enough time to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine at this stop too. Can’t wait to go back again for a full menu there!

Exploring some of MaDougal Street’s most prized restaurants with our charismatic, knowledgeable and passionate host Raheem.

Learned that the picturesque Grove Court address was once the company housing for a German beer company. The bars that now keep us out, were designed to keep the immigrant workers in.

“Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli”

Super popular blogger Athena of Finance Foodie, outside Faico’s.

Celeb stylist and editor Engie Hassan of EngieStyle with Women’s Mafia founder Marcy Clark.

Media Mavens getting their foodie on: author and celeb esthetician Lora “The Beauty Buster”(left), author, blogger and PR pro Genevieve Malandra (back left), celebrity stylist and magazine editor Engie Hassan (back right) and StyleLend CMO & influencer extraordinaire Tania Arrayales (right).

A deli that truly inspires you to cook.

And last, but not least: Pizza. Still one of this world’s most perfect foods.

TALENT Q&A with Goddess On The Go Founder Leora Edut

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Meet longtime Women’s Mafia member and inspirational leader Leora Edut of Goddess On The Go! Her next event is this Sunday July 20th. Read about Leora’s unique life story and mission and join us this Sunday!

Women’s Mafia: You are a very talented and well known makeup artist, who is also a motivational speaker and social entrepreneur with Goddess On The Go, how did you get into those fields?

Leora Edut: Wow thank you! With makeup I fell into that by accident. I had no experience with it and I kind of was a little hopeless when it came to that. When I moved to NYC I was impressed by how well women put themselves together so I took a class and fell in love with it. In Detroit I was a manicurist from the age of 17 and was big time into nail art and airbrush so the color transition and being in the beauty business prior helped out. When I moved to NYC 12 years ago I was in kind of a dark place, luckily I have 2 older sister who had been doing transformational work and they introduced me to it. From me it was the first time I was able to let go of the suffering I experienced in my childhood and a lot of guilt and shame that I was carrying. I had never felt SO good in my life that I spent the next 8 years learning and unlearning limiting beliefs around money, love, happiness, relationships etc etc About 4 years ago I reached a point where I was like Hey, I know myself pretty well know I’m starting to feel a little bored and disconnected. What is my next lesson? It happened to be about sisterhood something I was didn’t believe truly existed. I started a small weekly Goddess group with about 7 women. These ladies weren’t people I would have normally chosen as friends yet I couldn’t deny how good I felt when I was around them. This began a whole process of letting go of having to be the “perfect women” or the “strongest.” I could show all parts of myself my vulnerability my hilarious and dynamic side and I was fully accepted and loved by these gals. I realized that so many women I knew did not have access to this type of community and I wanted to create it! Our first event was 2 years ago July 2012, I initially thought this was gonna be my side business but the first event brought out 35 women, the second event manifested 55 women, and the next event sold out with over 100 women. I realized that there was something bigger then just myself this was a need for women to gather, feel safe with one another, and celebrate the HECK out of life! Makeup has not become my 1 a week hobby where I get to paint and be artistic it’s actually made me appreciate it so much more!

Women’s Mafia: What is the mission of Goddess On The Go? Any events recently that particularly moved you?

Leora Edut: The mission of Goddess On The Go is for women to awaken and know in their bones they are important and deserving of taking great care of themselves. Its not just a massage or a manicure we need to authentically feel good. We actually need to slow down a lot more and connect with other women who we can open up and receive from. Its SO key for us to receive! From my own personal journey until I found this community I was more into doing things that made me look good instead of feel good. My ego was running the show 90% of the time. I felt disconnected from life from nature, from my spirit, and from other people. My pleasures were sugar and alchol and I knew something had to shift or I wasn’t going to truly be happy in this lifetime.

Women’s Mafia: When did you realize you could make your passion your career?

Leora Edut: One day I was sitting in my coach Dawn Copelands office and she asked me how I felt about Goddess On The Go becoming my main income. In my head I didn’t believe that could come true right away, however a month later was when we had that 3rd sold out Goddess On The Go and I chose that I would no longer put a glass ceiling on where this movement could expand to What is the wildest/bravest thing you’ve done? A month ago I traveled to Hawaii by myself. I visited 3 different cities and had to drive through a forest that was pitch black while it was raining pretty heavy. That took some serious trust of the universe!

Women’s Mafia: You do so much between your charity work, events and makeup career – what energizes you?

Leora Edut: What energizes is the way I take care of myself. I make sure I start off every day with meditation, journaling , and reading something that inspires me. I have FUN every day and love to try new things whether it be an improve class or traveling to a country I’ve been drawn to visit. The women I keep in my circle are living pretty kick booty lives as well so we energize each other a lot!

Women’s Mafia: If you could have anyone as a special speaker at a Goddess On The Go event, alive or dead who would it be?

Leora Edut: Marianne Williamson or Oprah they are both my sheros! Lastly, what can the Women’s Mafia help make happen for you? To spread the message to other women about the importance of coming together to do something good for ourselves. In ancient times there was the Red Tent where women took care of each other and really had each others back. When we take the time for ourselves first we are more open to receive and have extra energy to share in our important relationships!

Women’s Mafia Style Expert Engie Hassan On Styling Priyanka Chopra

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The Women’s Mafia connected with stylist and fashion editor Engie Hassan of EngieStyle just before and after she styled the incandescently popular Miss-World-come-Bollywood-Star-Meets-Pop-Princess Priyanka Chopra for the launch party of her new video “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and a sneak peak of Priyanka in her charming new advertisement for the new Beats By Dre Pill XL.

Engie filled us in that her inspiration for Priyanka’s look at the star-studded fete on April 28th at the Tribeca Grand. I was going for a “Retro Hollywood Glamour meets Fun Fashion Flair” aesthetic shares Hassan, “Priyanka is definitely a trailblazer, as a Bollywood actress and crossover musician as well as a humanitarian, and I wanted her look to reflect that, hence the dazzling turquoise blue fringed Tamara Mellon dress offset with her natural yellow diamond earrings by Diamond Envy, her gold Tanzil Rab bracelet and her purple Louis Vuitton shoes. A classic updo and the perfect smokey eye was the ideal compliment.” Hassan added that Priyanka was “delightful” to work with and looked wonderful in many options.

We are proud to say that the Huffington Post lauded Priyanka’s look and Engie’s styling that evening. Congrats Engie!

Are you a Women’s Mafia member with great, big news to share? Get in touch with us! We have lots of requests but we accommodate as much as we can.

Priyanka Chopra with Nick Cannon - photo via Huffington Post

Women’s Mafia Presents: Style, Smile and Shop Hosted by Y Gallery Salon

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STYLE, SMILE and SHOP Hosted by Y Gallery Salon

Tuesday May 13th, 6-9pm at 180 Lafayette Street, between Broome and Grand Street

Call (212) 680-0117 to book your hair appointment (Press Appointments Available too!

Special Event-Only experiences for Women’s Mafia Members and guests. Featuring Photographer Amber De Vos, Esthetician Lora Condon and Designer Kristi Vosbeck

Have a life-changing hair styling experience with renowned hairstylists Yaniv, Yoni and their impeccable team at Y Gallery Salon. Makeup available too! (Packages below)

Book a Portrait Session with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Amber De Vos (Packages below)

Hand Massages & Skincare Consultations by Award-Winning Esthetician Lora Condon
– Experience Lora’s “Magic Hands” treatment with reflexology, Reiki and premium natural ingredients
– Try the new natural line Beauty Buster Skincare and have the opportunity to buy!
– RSVP to request this service and experience Lora’s award-winning skincare

Shop with Women’s Mafia featured NYC designer Kristi Vosbeck!

Y Gallery Salon Packages – Exclusive Prices for Women’s Mafia members and guests:

Photo-Ready Hair cut + conditioning treatment ($155 value) $80
Photo-Ready Blowout or Style ($55-$100 value) $40
Photo Ready Makeup Touch-Ups $25
Hair cut + partial highlights ($220 value) $150
Color Gloss ($80 value) $50
Half Head Highlights ($155 value) $115
Single Process Color ($80 value) $50
24 Hour Keratin treatment ($250-$400 value) $190

About our special event photographer:
Amber De Vos of A. De Vos Photo, Inc.
is committed to providing excellent service and reliable, result driven products all the while creating fun and memorable experiences for everyone. Amber loves to help her clients attract the right attention, make more money and feel great doing it! Amber is known for her strong background of working in the world of fashion and celebrity: shooting for Patrick McMullan and Women’s Wear Daily, and having her photographs featured in People Magazine, Page 6, Vogue, Gotham, InStyle, and more!

RSVP to the event ( and let us know your interest level. If you are interested we will book you “Big Shot Breakthrough Call” with Amber where you will get clear on what your visual goals are. You’ll come away with one great idea on how to move your public image forward.

All interested guests who pre-reserve can experience a complimentary expert 15 minute Photo Session and proofing session on site – then you can select the images that you want to purchase for retouching!

If you would like to pre-book with Amber you can also avail yourself of her signature pre-session assessment exercise, her how-to video and checklist sent out beforehand, and ensure that you will have images ideal for your favorite Social Media and Dating sites!

Make sure to RSVP and book your hair, makeup, photo and skincare appointments to ensure you get the service you desire. :-)


Call with questions: 212-729-9610