Natural Fertility Power-Houses

By Marcy Clark

How Natural Ingredients Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Naturally

The latest research shows that many common natural products found in our grocery stores and on natural supplement shelves may provide the keys to unlocking infertility and helping both men and women increase their chances of conception. Our friend Chavah, the co-founder of BeeFertile, shared with us some of the latest research on fertility:

  1. Bee Pollen houses all of the necessary components of life and has been recognized to aid in diminished sex desire and energy, alleviating menstrual cramps, improving fertility in both men and women, and relieves prostate problems. A recent study showed bee pollen significantly improved sperm production in men (Lewis). Another study was conducted that demonstrates how bee pollen can significantly affect inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. The double-blind controlled study of 93 patients, in which a placebo was given to 43 men, and bee pollen to the remaining 50. Forty-six men out of the fifty who took the bee pollen were successfully treated, while the control group did not experience any significant improvement (Leander; Leander, et al.)
  2. Royal Jelly is extremely nutrient-rich and can improve fertility in both men and women. It can also help increase the quality of sperm in men and eggs in women. Royal Jelly has been an answer for many of those suffering from PMS, low estrogen levels, and irregular menstrual cycles. A recent study conducted the effects on royal jelly and male rabbits suffering ‘summer infertility’. When royal jelly was administered, they discovered an increase in seminal plasma fructose, a significant boost in testosterone level, ejaculated volume, and increased sperm total output. It is also worthy to note a decrease in abnormal sperm and dead sperm and an increase in improved sperm motility. The conclusion of the study confirmed that royal jelly administered to heat-stressed male rabbits counteracted their ‘summer infertility’ and improved their overall physiological state (Elnagar).
  3. Chasteberry, also known as Vitex, has been shown to help to normalize female sex hormones, lengthen luteal phase and lower high prolactin levels, targeting some of the causes of infertility. A clinical study was performed, sixty-seven women with ovulatory/cycle problems were treated with vitex, which resulted in a “marked improvement of progesterone levels during the luteal phase, earlier ovulation, and thirty-eight achieved pregnancies” (Berger).
  4. Red Raspberry Leaf contains fragrine, an alkaloid, which helps to tone and strengthen the pelvic region, particularly the uterine lining, thus lengthening the luteal phase. By toning the uterus, it also helps prevent miscarriage and postpartum hemorrhage, due to a relaxed or atonic uterus. (Burn JH, Withell ER)
  5. Vitamin C consumption is essential in aiding proper hormone function. In a recent study, it was found that a moderate amount of supplemental vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility in women with luteal phase defect. Luteal phase failure arises when ovaries don’t produce the progesterone needed to admit implantation of a fertilized egg (Henmi). Other preliminary clinical research suggests that taking at least 400mg daily might improve fertility, resulting in ovulation and pregnancy in anovulatory women (Igarashi; Wilson).
  6. Damiana aids in toning and stimulating the reproductive organs. It can increase and balance hormones levels, and likewise, stimulate female eggs. Damiana also has an aphrodisiac effect on women that can aid in conception. Damiana’s main strength is to aid in impotence. It can encourage circulation to the male and female sexual organs. A study conducted on Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) concluded that the results support the use of turnera diffusa as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine and suggest possible therapeutic properties of turnera diffusa on sexual dysfunction (Estrada-Reyes).
  7. If Zinc is supplemented in the diet, testosterone and sperm count levels can be re-established to acceptable levels. Zinc is found in high concentration in sperm, and is vital in making the outer layer of the sperm, as well as the tail. Some research suggests that a documented daily consumption of folic acid plus zinc sulfate can increase sperm count in subfertile men (Wong). During a trial involving 14 males, zinc was administered over a 4 month period. Results demonstrated a significant improvement in sperm count, a number of advanced motile and normal spermatozoa, and acid phosphates activity. Three wives of patients conceived (Tikkiwal).
  8. Also for men, L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is necessary for proper function of sperm cells and in a recent study improved sperm concentration, motility and morphology in men with poor sperm quality, resulting in a significantly higher pregnancy rate. The researchers note that four unplanned pregnancies were achieved during the experiment by men experiencing infertility who had taken the combination therapy. “Combined treatment with L-carnitine and acetyl l-carnitine… was effective in increasing sperm motility, especially in groups with lower baseline levels (of moving sperm),” the authors conclude (Lenzi, Sgro, et al.).

The natural health experts behind Hive Naturals have been studying and researching which natural foods, supplements and herbs help with fertility and overall reproductive health for the last 30 years. They created the new BeeFertile Fertility Kits for Men, Women and Couples that combine the 20+ ingredients most helpful in improving reproductive health, and include those ingredients in the ratios most beneficial to helping couples conceive. BeeFertile has already helped hundreds of couples conceive with this unique formulation. For more about BeeFertile and all their ingredients that help with Fertility visit

NYFW: Cynthia Rowley SS12

Art Design Events Fashion Fashion Week
By Melissa Moschitto
The liquid gold runway at the Cynthia Rowley show was an apt metaphor for her Spring/Summer 2012 line.  The collection was fluid and playful, with one magnificently created piece flowing seamlessly into the next. The key motif for the evening was floral, from intricate patterns etched in gold to vibrant, colorful illustrations.  The color palette was primarily blues, yellow, black, white and gold with an occasional splash of aubergine, orange or red for contrast.  Models were styled with long textured, carefree hair and fresh faces, a clean look on which to display the dynamic collection. Accessories were not necessary – aside from the wild and whimsical gold shoes and the poppy alt-punk soundtrack at the show.

From sleek printed leggings in the suiting collection to a flowing mid-thigh skirt paired with a structured neutral sweater, the lush prints and patterns kept reappearing in varying formation, offering many surprises in this modern and forward-thinking collection.  My personal favorite was an exquisite black structured dress emblazoned with a lacy gold pattern – divine!  Cynthia Rowley is able to transcend place and position with her lush designs and it will be exciting to see what influence she has on the upcoming season.

My only quibble?  Within the bevy of models, there was only one Black model and one Asian model.  I hope in future collections, Ms. Rowley’s models will be as diverse as her design.

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EVENT RECAP: Fashionable Friday Beauty & Style Gifting Event

Beauty Books Events Fashion Featured Shopping & Acquisitions

By Carlos Aparicio for Women’s Mafia

Marcy Clark and the Women’s Mafia were thrilled to host the first (of many to come) press-only Fashionable Friday Gifting Events. Celebrity Stylist Nick Arrojo (you will remember his excellent cuts and sexy accent from TLC’s What Not To Wear) hosted us at Arrojo Studio in lower Manhattan last Friday July 22nd.

A group of selected bloggers and journalists, many from the fab NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-up group, were treated with makeovers including hair & make up treatments by the professionals at Arrojo Studio, as well as gifts from latest jewelry collection by rising-star designer J. Rudy Lewis.

The bloggers were excited to meet J. Rudy Lewis and pick a piece to wear at the event and be photographed rocking his designs. He is rapidly becoming one of the darlings of celebrity stylists, publications such as Vogue, royalty (such as Her Highness Princess Ameerah of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family) and various fashion editors.

Guests were also treated to an exclusive reading by author Lora Condon with excerpts from her recently published book SPA WARS: The Ugly Truth About The Beauty Industry and afterwards they got a signed copy of SPA WARS. Lora Condon is a well-known Esthetician, Make-up artist and Beauty Industry Consultant who has been working in the beauty and spa industry for over 15 years and put together hilarious anecdotes and experiences in her book, which was recently featured in the New York Times. She is also known as the Lash Doctor for her excellence in applying fabulous lash extensions, working with clients such as the cast of Good

Morning America, among other TV and fashion shows. For the first hour of the event the Lash Doctor applied Xtreme lashes on the lucky bloggers who made it early!

It was an exciting time for all of those involved and all the girls looked beautiful with their new ‘dos and J. Rudy Lewis jewelry.Bloggers and editors at the event also got to meet Women’s Mafia Media Partner ASTONISH Magazine and sign up for their new ASTONISHBloggerati program. Women’s Mafia and Yellow Sky Agency will launch the stunning new Fashion & Art publication at this Fall’s Fashion Week.

Pop-Up Studio, a great new enterprise by photographer David Christiansen, captured the event and entertained all the guests with an authentic Photo-Studio experience. It will be the first of many collaborations with Pop-Up Studio!!!

Stay tuned for future possible Fashionable Friday’s for Women’s Mafia members!

To see more pictures from this event at, click here

TALENT Q&A: Karen Amster-Young, co-founder of

Exploits Food Performing Arts Shopping & Acquisitions Talent Technology Travel

By Carlos Aparicio

Our good friend and fellow Public Relations pro Karen Amster-Young has teamed up with educator Pam Godwin on an exciting journey leaving their comfort zones and exploring new things, facing fears and trying to get unstuck. They are also exploring new sides of the city they have known and lived in for so long.

Their fun experiences are recounted on their blog, The 52 Weeks. Keeping their audience entertained with witty, amusing and sometimes just genuine stories, the concept behind the blog is the importance of switching things up and putting yourself in new situations as a way of growth and learning, or simply to keep that “spark” alive in your life, the type of rush you get by trying interesting, recreational and sometimes ridiculous activities. Sometimes they just face fears or try to take even a baby step toward a bigger goal. They do this by setting weekly goals for themselves for one year; the goals being things they have never tried before or that are unusual, and they range from test driving sports cars to simply nurturing their relationships by taking a carriage ride in Central Park, for example.

WM: What’s the story behind the concept of the site?

KAY: Pam and I were out having drinks one night and talking about feeling a bit “stuck”.  We wanted to shake things up a bit and do new things, rediscover childhood passions or face fears.  So was conceived that night. In fact, our tag line is three drinks, two friends, one year!
WM: What has been the most challenging experience so far in the list of The 52 Weeks activities?

KAY: It is not so much what we are doing but rather sticking to our promise to ourselves and each other to take even a little step each week towards one of our goals or things on our respective lists.   I have done everything from trying boxing, cleaning up my local park, taking a nude drawing class and committing to eating blueberries more often!  
WM: What plans do you have for the future of The 52 Weeks as a growing project?

KAY: The feedback from our readers and even the media has been encouraging and it seems like we are resonating with a lot of people — particularly women. Everyone has a “list” of things they want to do or change and we are inspiring and motivating people to get moving again and hopefully helping them to get a bit “unstuck”.   There is a book in progress, speaking engagements and hopefully a lot of inspiration to help others face their fears, learn new things and just get going again.

WM: Can your readers make suggestions of things to try out?
KAY: Absolutely!  They can e-mail us via the blog.

WM: Any exclusive sneak peek about future adventures for Women’s Mafia readers?

KAY: We knew this was going to be challenging but we had no idea how challenging!  Life gets in the way sometimes of our weekly plans but we are forging ahead and are about half-way through our journey.  I think the most exciting thing for Women’s Mafia readers are our dreams about the possibilities including currently developing the concept for a 52weeks app for iPhones so that users can find local deals and ideas to try new things in their own city.  In terms of our own adventures? Who knows what to tell you! It’s just really about always trying and keeping our promise to ourselves and each other!

TALENT Q&A: DJ / Model Sharri Sutton

Events Fashion Featured music Nightlife Performing Arts Talent

By Carlos Aparicio

Our good friend (and Women’s Mafia favorite DJ) Sharri Sutton, aka DJ Sharrimodel has shared her story with us in this Talent Q&A, explaining her style, influences and the differences in the industry between LA and NYC.

Enjoy the full article after the jump.

Women’s Mafia (WM): You alternate between being a model and a DJ. Which one are you doing more now? What projects are you most excited about working on?

Sharri Sutton (SS): Hey Women’s Mafia, thanks for this interview! Yes, I go back and forth and although I love both (but love modeling more), it seems as though I am doing more DJ gigs. Always ends up that way right?

The biggest project that I’m excited about working on actually is a series of short fashion/art videos I’m doing right now.

Basically, I made a short fashion/artsy video with my friend Ed who owns Ed Bennett Media Studios a few months ago. In the film I am jumping around wearing some hip artsy glasses and  a pink vinyl helmet (similar to my headphones) made by artist Kurt Bigenho from Unfinished. It came out great, I did the editing and was like, “I want to play this on projectors when I DJ!”.  I wanted to do more videos, but I don’t want them to all be of me, so now I’m shooting new videos showcasing different girls with the message “Black is beautiful”.

These new videos consist of gathering a lot of African American models that are of a middle brown tone.Today as black models trying to make it, from my experience and others I’ve met,  it seems to be really difficult for the middle tone brown skin girls. Either you have to be a really white pale European model or a really dark skinned model from Africa. So with these videos I’m showcasing that the middle is beautiful as well!  These girls will appear just being their beautiful selves and I’ll be playing them on projectors while I DJ.

WM: When DJ- ing, how would you describe your style when it comes to music selection?

SS: It’s funny because my boyfriend and I have been trying to define it in just 1 style. It’s definitely high energy and a lot of minimal techno, but then there’s also this electro mixed with electro – rock, baile – tech, dub- step sort of thing going on as well. If I were to define my style using examples of artists I enjoy playing I would have to say Buraka Som Sistema, Steve Bug, Rye Rye, MIA, Jack Beats, Crookers, Designer Drugs, balanced out with a little pop such as Rihanna.

WM: What was it like starting to model in LA before moving to NYC?

SS: LA was great because I made a lot of connections, not just for LA, but for New York. I mostly got my experience working at a series of fashion shows called Apartment-3, that was also where I got to model for Obey and if it wasn’t for working with photographer Dan Monick for the store Welcome Hunters, I wouldn’t have met Cody (Priestess NYC), which is how I met the Women’s Mafia!

WM: Is there any artist or person that has had a big influence in your life, as an artist or as a person?

SS: Besides my mom, my mentor Muhammida Eljihar, my hype girl Georgette and Kurt from Unfinished – I would have to mostly say Josephine Baker! I watched her documentary and couldn’t stop crying and I don’t cry at movies. I loved her energy and her spirit. She was an amazing entertainer, she kept searching for more and used her talents to be a humanitarian. She was free, she believed in herself, she succeeded through one of the toughest times in this country. She wouldn’t play for any crowds that were segregated. She had a long career and I admire her eclectic personality.

WM: Is the industry easier on models in NYC than it is in LA? Are they the same?

SS: It’s give and take with both, but I prefer modeling in New York because there is a since of overlap with fashion and art. I have worked with a lot of designers who are also artists which is amazing and just been exposed more to the art scene.

WM: What differentiates you as an artist?

SS: What? Besides the fact that I’m an alien? (just kidding). When I DJ I really feel like I’m on another planet and I want to take others to another planet, off this world with me.

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?

SS: Besides everything that Women’s Mafia has done already… I would have to say everything you’re already doing :)

I get so much energy and motivation from Womens Mafia. Everytime Womens Mafia calls me for another event I get so much positive energy and when I DJ the event I get so much support. So Womens Mafia is doing what they should be doing. They are supporting a female such as myself and many others to create and sustain a hard core mafia of “hell yeah” girls.

To read more about DJ Sharrimodel and find her contact info, visit her website by clicking here.

DJ Sharrimodel DJing for the Women's Mafia's SPA WARS book launch at Patricia Field
DJ Sharri Model, Women's Mafia Founder Marcy Clark, Photographer Montana Vasquez
DJ Sharrimodel, Women's Mafia Founder Marcy Clark, Photographer Montana Vasquez

TALENT Q&A: Designer Aeneas KT

Art Events Fashion Featured Shopping & Acquisitions Talent

By Carlos Aparicio

Aeneas KT is a fashion designer and businesswoman. Born and raised in communist China, Aeneas’ never really had experience with fashion until she discovered beautiful spreads on fashion magazines that inspired her to dream and believe somewhere in the world, women were given the freedom to wear who they are. She has recently graduated from Parsons and started her own brand, Aeneas KT LLC in collaboration with Generation GoldMine.

Women’s Mafia (WM): What does fashion mean to you?

Aeneas KT (AKT): art, power, fantasy…Fashion is an endless avenue of self expression.Fashion is also a way to boost your brain hence your intelligence and self esteem: There are no limits, no restrictions.It is a fantastic world where impossible is nothing!

WM: Where do you get your design inspiration?

AKT: I’m always drowned by European art, history and culture: I can relate to the garden of earthly delight by Bosh. It is actually a perfect image representation of what I express in my work: the intermingling of pleasure, fantasies and peril’s of life temptation. I also love the classiness of the baroque style of the 17th century with its exuberance and detailed oriented clothing construction.

WM: What makes your designs unique?

AKT: The mixture of femininity and masculinity expressed through the use of light weight and delicate fabric as silk, lace, chiffon and the heavy weight stronger fabric as leather .

Also, the extremely fitted shape of my garments is what make my style different: You notice that most stores don’t offer properly cut and fitted clothing..Most of what women find in stores are loose and unshaped garments. And the appeal used by those stores/ corporations is self esteem and comfort: most women are always concerned by their weight and a lot are self conscious about body shape. Hence the concept used by stores/ corporations to sell their clothes: Loose unshaped garments are comfortable and stylish.

But actually this emotional appeal is motivated by money: Loose unshaped garments take less time to produce and consequently is way cheaper for the industry.. .Generation Goldmine is a line of empowerment: It is about giving confidence to women toward the way they feel about wearing fitted clothes.

WM: How would you like your brand to evolve in the next 10 years?

AKT: I’d like Generation Goldmine to become an internationally known high end couture brand, a reference in terms of women’s wear, a tribute to the women’s beauty.

WM: Describe your creations with 5 words.

AKT: Empowering, exciting, dark romance, luxurious.

WM: Favorite designer or artist that you think has influenced you the most?

AKT: Hedi Slimane,especially his early work for Dior Homme!!! I totally dig his fitted shaped and clean cut designs. At the same time he kept a lot of the 90’s glam elements which added up so much beauty, flexibility and sophistication to his style. He really made a difference in the fashion industry as his designs can apply to both men andwomen.

WM: What’s the aspect of being a fashion designer that you enjoy the most? What’s the one you enjoy the least?

AKT: The fact that I get to express my feelings,thoughts and creativity in what I’m doing and most importantly share them with people .There is no real aspect I enjoy the least…. Maybe the feeling of uncertainty of how people will react to my art, to the message I want to deliver: Are my designs going to be understood? Are people going to question the trendiness of it? Being a fashion designer is like being in a relationship: you know what your feelings are, you know more or less how to express them but you are never absolutely certain of how your partner will react to them.You can only be sure of yourself.

TALENT Q&A: Davina Reichman

Art Design Fashion Shopping & Acquisitions Talent

By Carlos Aparicio

Davina Reichman is an amazingly talented Australian-NYC entrepreneur & fashion scene queen. Strong and confident in both her various businesses and her creations, Davina is definitely one you should keep your eye on!

Get to know more about her work and passions in the following interview we had the pleasure to do with her.

Women’s Mafia (WM): You moved to New York not so long ago and you already have established your name in the NYC fashion scene. From your impression so far, is there a big difference between Australia and New York in the way the fashion industry works?

Davina Reichman: Photo by Christine Knight Thomas -

Davina Reichman (DR): Globally, fashion-industry eyeballs seem to fall on the American market. Catwalk shows are dominated by American designers and the ‘seasonal’ trends seem to surge from the northern hemisphere into the southern hemisphere.

The Australian summer dress runs in-line with the beach lifestyle, healthy frames, originality and natural spirit. Even though the very latest Australian fashion trends are taking into account the designs of New York’s most recent fashion week, Australian designers are developing their own take on this, creating designs in which the climate remains temperate and sunny, where it never snows and the locals play beach volleyball till the sun sets.

Australia’s international reputation for generating some of the dynamos in the fashion scene is gaining greater momentum. Initiatives such as Being Born Again Couture and Austrade are helping to raise the profile of Australian fashion, particularly our emerging designers, and serve to highlight their design capabilities to the New York fashion industry. These events include retail buyers, fashion editors, stylists and agents and serve to foster links for Australian designers in NYC.
WM: Where do you find your inspiration?

DR: I am either designing practical, functional clothes or eccentric, quirky couture garments. The focus is on the crazy, yet the beautiful; the obsessive, yet the controlled.

D&Em By Davina Corset with Bejeweled Stockings

I am a fashion entrepreneur, amongst other things. I find cool concepts that have never been done before, like my first in the world iClothing range: iPad compatible clothing with pouches like kangaroos and koalas. The iTee and iDress are a hands free way to store your iPad on the move – a stylish solution to carrying the iPad.

iClothing: iPad compatible clothing

Now that I have lived in NYC for under a year, I carry a more global vision – it’s like 10 cities in one. The excitement is just exhilarating. The streets of Manhattan shape my ideas.

WM: What would you say to a young person who wants to make it in the fashion industry?

DR: Develop your own style and break the barriers. Innovate: don’t blend in with everyone else. Like so many glamorous jobs to which so many aspire, there’s a lot of hard, exhausting work, but it is worth it.

Be polite and pleasant to everybody, no matter what their position. You never know when somebody you have met could be the key to your future.

WM: You certainly cover various aspects of the industry, from design to management, producing fashion shows and even public relations. What’s your favorite part of your work?

DR: My favorite part of the job is when fashion designers that I’ve worked with make a name for themselves, thrive and be successful.

Recently, Natalie Imbruglia said of a Being Born Again Couture collaboration, “It is one of my favorite pieces”. It was very gratifying to have a result of one of my shows get such high profile attention. When I am able to take such talented people as Michael Lo Sordo and Chris Horder, and help them get the attention they deserve, that is very rewarding.

Natalie Imbruglia in Being Born Again Couture by Michael Lo Sordo and Chris Horder

Being Born Again Couture Lo Sordo Spring Summer 2010 seen at Australian Fashion Week

Nicola Finetti, an Australian fashion designer collaborated with the artist Guy Peppin for Being Born Again Couture. They followed suit, creating a Being Born Again Couture range by Nicola Finetti Spring/Summer 11/12 by creating Arrow Peplum Full Circle Dresses and Pastel Mermaid gowns shown at Australian Fashion Week 2011.

Natalie Gruzlewski wore the Being Born Again Couture Finetti/ Peppin gown to the Logies in Australia in May.

Being Born Again Couture Collaboration by Nicola Finetti / Guy Peppin

Being Born Again Couture Finetti Arrow Peplum Full Circle Dress shown at Australian Fashion Week 2011

I am so proud of Finetti and Lo Sordo to take that extra leap into wearable art.

WM: If you could work with any person, in your field, alive or dead who would it be and why?

DR: I would time-travel to the 1950’s, when Dior and the prime of Givenchy and Balenciaga were ubiquitous. I would work with Coco Chanel, the couture designer who revelled in expensive simplicity. Chanel set the stage for modern fashion by creating a signature style, brand awareness, and a social buzz around herself like no one had ever done. What I admire most about Chanel was her ability break from the pack and set trends rather than follow them.

WM: Why fashion? Did you always know that this was what you wanted to do?

DR: I have long dreamt of working with fashion, designing one-off pieces for my own personal collection. I used to be in the corporate world but I have always followed my own path and instincts when it comes to design, creating styles that are whimsical, contradictory, yet confident with appealing feminine aesthetics. My passion is fashion – I live and breathe it. I always wanted to start my own businesses. I wanted to do something new, novel and creative.

Davina Reichman at Couture Fashion Week

WM: What can the Women’s Mafia make happen for you?

DR: I am always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities.

Women’s Mafia can assist to forge a solid connection to emerging women designers who have been seeking out a woman who knows what’s what in the fashion industry, giving you valuable advice on producing fashion shows, marketing, PR and events.

The Most Interesting Looks From The Tony Awards


By Carlos Aparicio

The 65th ceremony for the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre (also known as the Tony Awards) was held this past Sunday, June 12th at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

This is a round up of the most interesting looks from the red carpet before the ceremony:

First of all, a big congratulations to actress Nikki James of “The Book of Mormon” for her first Tony Award. We’ve had the wonderful privilege to work with Nikki on a Women’s Mafia photo spread a few years ago. She also looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Congratulations, Nikki, you were always a leading lady in our eyes!

Whoopi Goldberg went for a look that seems to be a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. We still love her though, and seeing someone else take her role in the Sister Act musical has shown how much charisma, humor and individuality she brings to the table in every role she takes on.

Singer Michelle Williams looking beautiful in her new ‘do!

Really, Aretha Franklin? Really?

Actress Kerry Washington went for a lovely combination of colors that worked really well with her skin tone. Good job!

Actress Frances McDormand. Her face expresses how we feel about this look. That being said, we’re lining up for tickets if her show comes back!

INVITE: Our Friend Enrico Featured In Film “Below New York”

Art Events Film Movies Nightlife Talent

By Carlos Aparicio

Our friend and talented artist Enrico Miguel Thomas and his subway inspired artwork will be featured in the film “Below New York”, which will premiere at the Tribeca Cinemas on Thursday, June 23rd at 7:00 PM.

Enrico Miguel Thomas, also known as “The Subway Artist of New York City” has established his art throughout the years as a refreshing and beautiful representation of something New Yorkers experience every day without necessarily paying attention to it – the subway. Through his innovative techniques he manages to capture the essence of it, that captivating street-like vibe that characterizes the city we all love and never sleeps.

More info / Ticket Purchases

TALENT Q&A: Flo Anthony


By Carlos Aparicio

The “Gossip Queen” Flo Anthony is a journalist, author, radio & TV personality, publisher/editor-in-chief of BlackNoir and Toy Box Magazines and an internationally successful entrepreneur. A role model for women who strive for independence and professionalism, Flo has been in the media business for decades and has a lot of knowledge and insight to share.

Join us as we get to know more about this enchanting media power girl.

Women’s Mafia (WM): What inspired you to start your career in the media business?

Flo Anthony (FA): I just always wanted to be a columnist. As a young girl, I was the reporter from my high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the Youth Page in the Ann Arbor News. I also was a member of the Radio Guild In High School, so I also began doing radio at a young age.

WM: You mentor and represent a lot of up-coming people nowadays. What or who gave you your “big break” and how did you seize it?

FA: I started working as an assistant for my manager, Tobe Gibson, at Young Talent, when I graduated from college. That started me in PR and management. Then, Bill Gallo and Jerry Lisker, who are both deceased, helped me get my first job at the New York Post in 1985. Joan Rivers was also a big help to me.

WM: You have achieved many things in your life. What do you consider to be biggest accomplishments?

FA: I don’t see myself as accomplished, just as very hardworking. However, Michael Jackson, allowing me to bring “Inside Edition” cameras to his “They Don’t Care About Us” video shoot, was a huge accomplishment. And, I didn’t even realize how big it was at the time. They ran the interview for two straight days. I just took it all in stride. I also was on the set when Mike and Janet shot the video for “Scream.”

WM: It is known that you are always working on a million different projects. How do you keep balance in your life?

FA: I keep a pretty tight schedule. I start live radio at 7:20 every morning. Then, I get a break at 9:15. I surf the web and research stories for the next day. Then, I wrote and record two radio feeds for the next day, ‘Gossip To Go With Flo,” and “Flo Anthony’s Big Apple Buzz” at 12:05 PM. From there, I work on projects for my PR clients, my magazine, hustle up stories for the Gatecrasher column in the New York Daily News, and, on Tuesdays, I write my weekly column. Since I work from home, I also do housework everyday around that time too. Then, I go back on the radio from 2:15 to 5:00 PM. I also send out the recorded MP3s to my stations. In the evening, I sometime have events, tape my reality show, meet friends for dinner, or just relax at home. On the weekends, I relax, read, run errands, go to church, meet friends and watch TV.

WM: What words of wisdom do you have for young Women’s Mafia members looking to become reporters or journalists?

FA: Study hard. Find the type of career you want and carve your own niche. Heed advice and follow instructions. Lastly, be kind to your peers.